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Tiggits Ticket Finder is Free but It Comes at a Price

If you're a regular concert, theater, sports or other big-event goer, you'll like Tiggets, at least at first glance. This app, from FurrySoft, gives you access to millions of tickets in venues in the U.S.

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Boingo Wi-Fi Takes You Wherever You Want to Go

Buy Boingo Wi-Finder on the App StoreBoingo Wi-Fi makes it easy for you to set up a wireless account for your iPhone and then log into any hot spot on the ubiquitous Boingo Wi-Fi network. The monthly fee is $7.95 for unlimited access and when you sign up using Boingo, the first month is free.

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Interview with Simon Oliver of Rolando

Simon Oliver, founder of HandCircus, agreed to an interview with AppCraver recently. Simon is working on the much-anticipated Rolando game, which he has called a "physics-based platform/puzzler." Look for Rolando before the holidays, Simon says.


Flickr Mobile Enhances Features for Show and Go

Buy Flickr on the App StoreThis year alone, consumers around the world will buy up about 1 billion cellphones equipped with cameras, according to market researchers. There's an awful lot of snapping going on and Flickr wants in on the action.


FileMagnet Is a Most Attractive App for File Transfer

Buy FileMagnet - Read and e-mail your documents on the go on the App StoreFileMagnet from Magnetism Studios is a simple, yet elegant, iPhone app. Its primary function is to make it easy to shuttle files back and forth between your desktop and iPhone and it does that very well.

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Drum Kit Rolls but It Doesn't Rock

Buy Drum Kit Pro on the App StoreIf you're easily amused, you'll like the Drum Kit app from CrimsonJet. It's a six-piece drum kit that you can play using your thumbs. Tap the snare, bass drum, cymbals to pound out a beat. Choose from among four flavors of sound: classic, rock, hip hop and techno.

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Compass Free is Probably Lost on Most People

Buy Compass Free on the App StoreThere's not much you can say about Masayuki Akamatsu's Compass Free because it just doesn't do much. Actually, it doesn't do anything. Launch the app and you get an image of a compass with a shaded area that runs from the edge of the screen to the center of the compass.

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Google AdWord Advertisers Have a New Campaign for the iPhone

Monday, the Google mobile ads team launched a program for Google AdWords advertisers to place their text and image ads on the iPhone, T-Mobile G1 and other mobile devices equipped with fully functional Web browsers.


Amazon Mobile Remembers So You Don't Have To

Buy Amazon App on the App is one of the first places I check whenever I'm intent on buying something (forget about the part that I often buy stuff I don't need). I go to Amazon to research products, read personalized recommendations and the always-interesting customer reviews.

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Wal-Mart Will Start Selling iPhones Later This Month. Or Not.

There's been a lot of noise for close to 2 months now that Wal-Mart Stores would start selling a 4GB iPhone for $99 soon after Christmas. Although Reuters reported in November that the deal was done, other news media were less confident and treated the news more as rumor than fact.


Zagat To Go '09 Is No Go for Gourments and Gourmands

Zagat is one of the top reviewers of places "to eat, drink, stay and play," as the rating service likes to say. To get a high rating from Zagat is like getting the Good Housekeeping Seal of Approval.

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iCodeRed is Like Having John Wayne in Your Pocket

bak2u-icodered-iphone-appiCodeRed - Planning on going skiing this winter and worried that you might get buried in an avalanche? What if you're worried that you'll fall and can't get up? What if you're just someone who worries a lot?

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Step This Way, Your OpenTable is Ready

Buy OpenTable on the App StoreOpenTable claims to be the world's most popular instant restaurant reservation system, and with 8,500 participating restaurants and growing, it would be difficult to prove otherwise. The company's Web site, which is free to register and use, enables diners to locate restaurants, find out whether the restaurant has seating available, book a table and manage their upcoming reservations.

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iNetwork Speed Test for Network Nutters

Are you a network nut? You know, a person who constantly wonders how fast his or her network connections are? Do you have bookmarked two or three sites where you regularly go to check your bandwidth?

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Menorah Makes the iPhone Miraculous

Buy Menorah - Chanukah - חנוכה on the App StoreMenorah - In the second century BCE (Before the Common Era), the Maccabees, a band of Jewish rebels in Judea rescued the Holy Temple in Jerusalem from the Greeks. The rebels wanted to rededicate the Temple by lighting the eternal lamp but found they had only enough oil to last for one night.

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