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Labyrinth, from Codify AB, is an A-Mazing Game

Buy Labyrinth on the App StoreLabyrinth, developed by Carl Loodberg of Codify AB, is a piece of work. It's hard to imagine so simple a concept could be rendered so realistically on the iPhone and iPod touch. Labyrinth is a classic.

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Connect from Crowded Road Hits and Misses

Connect - Having to make a telephone call to some couldn't-care-less corporate entity makes me think of poor old Bill Murray in Ground Hog Day, forced to relive each day over and over. Hell is not other people; hell is having to find a real live person to talk to at a ginormous company.

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t Chess Would Put Bobby Fischer at Your Side, If He Were Alive

Buy t Chess Pro on the App StoreChess terrifies me. I learned to play when I was only 7-years old and in the too-many years since, I can count the number of games I've won on my right hand (that's the one I almost lost fixing a combine harvester on my granddaddy's farm).

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WiFinder Gives You the 411 On Wireless Networks

(Editor's Note: Unfortunately, due to Apple's policy on WiFi finders this item is no longer available in the App Store.) Lars Bergstrom's WiFinder is one of those things you don't know you need until you start using it.

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vlingo Takes Voice-Recognition Mobility to the Next Level

Buy Vlingo - Voice App on the App Storevlingo, the company, has just released vlingo, the iPhone app, which is similar in concept to the fast-rising Google Mobile app. Like Google's app, vlingo makes it possible for iPhone owners to vocally enter search terms into Google.

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Super Monkey Ball Tops Them All

Buy Super Monkey Ball on the App StoreSega's Super Monkey Ball sits fifth on Apple's newly released of Top 10 iPhone apps of 2008 in the over-all, best-seller category. It ranks as 2008's fourth best seller in the games category.

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Night Camera Aspires to Let You See Clearly in Dim Light

Buy Night Camera on the App StoreI think the iPhone's built-in camera is pretty good, as far as cellphone cameras go. The one thing it, and probably every other cellphone camera, has a problem with, is taking pictures in low light.

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Quickoffice's MobileFiles Provides Fast Access to MobileMe's iDisk

Editor's Note: MobileFiles has been replaced by Quickoffice Lite. Quickoffice, which built its reputation on developing office suite apps for the Nokia S60, Symbian and Palm OS platforms, has now put itself on the iPhone.

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Block Breaker Deluxe 2 Is Mindless, Just as It Should Be

Buy Block Breaker 3 Free+ on the App StoreGames like "Breakout" appeal to me because they're mindless, which describes me quite often. Gameloft's Block Breaker Deluxe 2 is a spiffed up version of the classic Breakout game. You have various levels of block formations to bust up and there are power ups like rockets, multiple balls, magnets, shields and other and bonus items.

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Jott Your Notes with Your Voice Instead of a Keyboard

The first time you use Jott, a voice recorder from Jott Networks, you get the feeling that you've just seen something that's crazy, in a good way. There's not much to the voice recorders in the App Store.

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WordBook Gets Right to the Point of Dictionaries

Buy WordBook - English Dictionary and Thesaurus on the App StoreWordbook English Dictionary & Thesaurus- As someone who writes for a living, I'm totally biased about dictionaries, thesauruses, synonym finders and the like. These are the reference tools of my trade and I'm as picky about which one to use as a soon-to-be bride in a bridal shop.

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Linux on the iPhone Moves the OS One Step Further in Quest for World Domination

Hardcore Linux hackers have been looking for ways to make the iPhone and Linux co-exist on friendlier terms ever since the iPhone's introduction. The best they've managed so far was to get Ubuntu and iPhone to wirelessly sync earlier this year.


Apple Announces the Year's Top 10 Applications in the App Store

With less than a month to go before 2008 wrings out (pun intended since we're officially in a recession) Apple has just announced its Top 10 iPhone App downloads for the year. The list comes out only a couple of days after word began circulating in the blogosphere that the number of apps in the App Store now exceeds 10,000.


Nimbuzz Gives Off a Good Vibe, When It Works

Buy Nimbuzz Messenger on the App StoreThat humming sound you hear is not tinnitus. It’s the noise being generated by Nimbuzz, one of the newest apps on the App Store shelf. Nimbuzz, from the company of the same name, enables you to call, chat and message family and friends on all the major instant messaging communities and social networks including Skype, Yahoo!

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GiftCards Makes Buying Gift Cards Easy but Could Be Risky

GiftCards - It's hard enough to decide what gifts to buy for family and friends without also having to worry about  getting trampled to death or gunfights erupting in toy stores. It's just nuts the way some people behave.

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