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Google Revamps Its Search Results Pages for the iPhone

Google Software Engineers, Steve Kanefsky and Rob Stacey, just announced on the official Google mobile team blog that as of now, when iPhone owners run a search on they'll get results that are better optimized for their phones.


Grist for the Mill: The Fellas at iPhoneHellas Say iPhone OS 2.2 Will Arrive on Nov. 21

Gizmodo, The Unofficial Weblog, among several other sites, are circulating a rumor that Apple will release its iPhone OS 2.2 update on November 21, sooner than Apple watchers expected. Gizmodo attributes the rumor to iPhoneHellas, a Greek developer of iPhone unlocking software, and adds that the fellas at iPhoneHellas have been reliable in the past.


Seek and Ye Shall TheFind: Where to Shop

With the holiday season approaching fast, finding the right deal and the right place to shop is no doubt top of mind for many folks. The falling economy only adds to the need to shop smarter. That’s what this new (and free) iPhone app--TheFind: Where to Shop--aims to do.

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Gas Cubby Has a Groovy Kind of Thing Going

Buy Gas Cubby - Fuel Economy & Service Log on the App StoreWith three cars and a motorcycle in our household, I'm constantly trying to stay on top of scheduled maintenance. When was the last time I changed the oil in my wife and daughter's cars? I know I wrote the mileage and date down on a piece of paper, but where did the paper go?

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Idea Generator - Shake out a few ideas

Buy Idea Generator on the App StoreSay it's early Monday morning, and everyone at the ad agency where you work expects you to come in with some great concepts for the afternoon meeting with a client. The problem is you spent the weekend drinking beer and watching nine football games on TV and you're stuck for ideas for the client's new campaign.

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AT&T Mobility Czar Outlines iPhone's Fanciful Future at Web 2.0

When TechCrunch’s Michael Arrington asked AT&T Wireless CEO-AT&T Mobility Ralph de la Vega during a Q&A  at  Web 2.0 Summit in San Francisco what he envisioned iPhone owners will doing with their phones in 2011, Arrington and the audience got a lot more than they might have expected.


Update of Popular i.TV Pocket TV and Movie Guide App 'Imminent'

i.TV, one of the most popular free apps in the App Store, will be getting some cool new features, not only with in the next week or so, but at least once a month from now well into 2009, according to i.TV CEO Brad Pelo.

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iPhone Pwns BlackBerry in Business Customer Satisfaction Bake-Off

Apple’s iPhone sits on the top perch in overall customer satisfaction among business wireless smartphone users, according to a new study from J.D. Power and Associates. The 2008 Business Wireless Smartphone Customer Satisfaction Study, released Friday, measures business customer satisfaction with smartphones — defined as mobiles with advanced features and personal computer-like functionality.

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AT&T's Mobility CEO Says iPhone Users Will Connect to Their Laptops 'Soon'

iPhone owners have been pummeling Apple and AT&T with demands for a tethering plan for the better part of this year and it finally looks like users will get the hook-up. According to several reports coming out of the Web 2.0 Summit in San Francisco, AT&T Wireless  CEO-AT&T Mobility Ralph de la Vega says customers will "soon" be able to use their iPhone 3Gs as wireless modems for their laptops.


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