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Brain Exercise Keeps You Thinking Young

Buy Brain Exercise with Dr. Kawashima on the App StoreI just finished working out with Brain Exercise with Dr. Kawashima and I think I might have overdone it because my head hurts. If you want to stay mentally sharp, you need to work your brain as though it were a muscle.

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MapQuest 4 Mobile Makes It Easy for You to Find Your Way

Buy MapQuest: Free Navigation, GPS, Maps & Traffic on the App StoreMapQuest 4 Mobile – I've always been a fan and user of MapQuest  but I don't think AOL's MapQuest 4 Mobile offers any more functionality than many other apps that use maps to help you find nearby eateries, hotels, discounts and so on.

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Interview with Eberhard Schoneburg, CEO of Artificial Life

Artificial Life has a number of titles that are officially endorsed or co-sponsored such as Shooter, the film, BMW Z4 and Red Bull. AppCraver was interested in learning more about AL and its brand relationships, so we corralled Eberhard Schoneburg, CEO, for a chat:.


Knot Guide Serves Well in a Hitch or Pinch

Buy Knot Guide (100+ knots) on the App StoreKnots are a lot like people: Some are stable; others are tight when everyone else is loose; and some always can be relied on in a hitch or a pinch. Some can even be handsome, although only a knot connoisseur probably thinks so.

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JumiCam Adds to the Line-up of Apps for At-Home Streaming Video

Buy JumiCam Webcam streamer on the App StoreJumiCam, from Jumi, is one of several utilities in the App Store capable of streaming video from a Web cam to the iPhone (via Wi-Fi, 3G or EDGE) and to iPod touch (via Wi-Fi only). Home-oriented Web cam apps like JumiCam require your installing a video server (invariably free) on your PC.

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iPhones are Reliable, but You Can’t Always Be Counted On

If your iPhone gives up the ghost, it’s probably because you dropped it, plopped it into a toilet or left it on the roof of your car and drove off. Although 30 percent of iPhones fail within 2 years, your iPhone is reliable.


Altec Lansing's Back Beat Pros are Better than Apple's Cheapos

Altec Lansing Back Beat Pros — What really matters when it comes to earphones for the iPhone and iPod touch is: “Which brand of earphones sound better than the cheapos that came with the Apple iPhone or iPod touch I just bought?

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Hint Sprint Goes and then Slows

Buy Hint Sprint -The Rhyming Word Game! on the App StoreIf you’re a fan of the Jeopardy TV quiz show, you might get a kick out of Hint Sprint, from developer Sobits. The app feeds you two or more word clues and you have to find two related words that rhyme.

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The Sims 3 Continues Living La Vida Loca

Buy The Sims 3 on the App StoreThe Sims is a storied video-game franchise, one that began years and years ago and is still going strong. Anticipation for The Sims 3 was such that Electronic Arts was able to release the title  on the Mac, PC and iPhone all in one day.

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Interview with Mason Weems of IMAK Creations

IMAK Creations is a family business based in Austin, Texas. The company's name comes from the initials of spouses Mason and Karen and sons Anthony and Ian. IMAK has been releasing apps an average about one per month since the ribbon cutting on the App Store, where they now have 12 apps, mainly in the education category.


Open Cellar Could be Your Personal Sommelier, but Only if You Read French

Buy Open Cellar, The Ultimate Wine Cellar Solution on the App StoreOpen Cellar – You decide to pick up a nice Cabernet on your way home for that special meal your significant other is preparing to celebrate your anniversary. What kind of red wine do you choose?

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Bionic Surfer Takes on Kaons and Wins

Buy Bionic Surfer on the App StoreBionic Surfer, from developer Robert Casperson, is a conventional side-scrolling shooter and your mission is well-worn: Run, jump over or on top of obstacles, collect power ups and fire a variety of weapons to annihilate the bad guys.

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Star Defense Takes Traditional Tower Defense to New Level

Buy Star Defense on the App StoreDeveloper ngmoco is already much respected for its games, notably, Rolando and Topple 2. The company’s latest, Star Defense,  takes game play to a whole new level (100 new levels to be exact).

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Devs Keep Pace with New 3.0 Updates

OS 3.0 Updates -- If you had the same idea, at the same time as everyone else, you might not have had the opportunity to download version 3.0 of Apple’s new and awesome OS update yet.  You have a lot to look forward to, that's for sure.


NineGaps Has Your Daily Numbers

Buy NineGaps on the App StoreQuadion Technologies' NineGaps is in some ways like Sudoku, the number puzzler that bookkeepers, Mensa wannabes and violinists seem to enjoy more than everyone else. NineGaps is different than Sudoku in that you complete puzzles consisting of three rows and three columns.

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