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OS 3.0 Puts More Automation into the Smart House with Universal Remote Controls

Ever steadily, the iPhone and iPod touch are transforming into universal remote controls for home automation gear such as home theater PCs, lighting, security and other hardware systems.

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Paper Toss is Free But It's a Game Worth Paying For

Buy Paper Toss on the App StorePaper Toss – I suppose I shouldn’t admit it in public, but I would pay for Blackflip Studios’ free Paper Toss, unlike the developer’s Ragdoll Blaster - A Physics Puzzler which I thought was only so-so for $1.99.

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Interview with Laurie Ann Sims, President of Wizzard Media

Recently, Wizzard Media, a podcasting network, acquired exclusive distribution rights to six iPhone apps: John Kooistra’s Blue Attack and Blue Defense!, Phase 2 Media’s OmNomNom, Sudoku Classic and Sudoku Unlimited, and Markus Strobe’s Touch Scan.


Interview with Elias Pietilä, Award-Winning iPhone Student Developer

Elias Pietilä is a 23-year-old full-time student at the Helsinki University of Technology, although he says he seldom goes there. Most of his time is spent at an iPhone consulting company called Qvik, although he’s not a paid employee. 


MobAir: Pilot Training Launches as the Start of a Series of Flying Games

MobAir: Pilot Training is the common shooter-on-rails where the gamer must soar past obstacles and shoot targets in a 3D-like environment. MobAir: Pilot Training is better than average, however.

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Apple Announces Design Awards for iPhone Apps

About half way through Apple's annual Worldwide Developers Conference in San Francisco this week, Apple announced the winners of its Apple Design Award, which recognizes technical excellence, innovation, and outstanding achievement in iPhone and Mac software development.


Interview with Galarina's Chris Cornelis, developer

Galarina's Chris Cornelis is the developer of GeoLogTag, an image logging  and tagging app. "There are about a dozen of geologging-geotagging apps that offer some of the functionality of GeoLogTag, but they all have a more complex workflow," Cornelis says assertively.


Star Trek, the film, leads Developers Looking for New Apps

Star Trek Movie appsTo nearly no one’s surprise, the new Star Trek film has been puffing up with dollars as fast and plentiful as  popcorn in a movie pop-machine. The film has generated nearly $219 million since its May 7 release.


iPhone and iPhone-Related Sites Pick Up Webby Awards in Several Categories

Webby Awards – The iPhone and Web sites designed for the iPhone picked up several awards in the Mobile category at the 13th Annual Webby Awards last night in New York. Although well represented among the nominees for Webby and People’s Voice Awards, the iPhone came up empty-handed in several categories where you might have expected it to have won Webby or People’s Voice Awards including Best Use of GPS or Location Technology; Entertainment; Experimental & Innovation; Gaming; and Social Networking.


Interview with Christopher York, Blue Ox Technologies

Blue Ox Technologies has been in business as a consulting firm since 1998 and has been designing iPhone apps since July 2008. The company’s most popular app is the word game Moxie, which is like a mashup of Solitaire and Upwords, Christopher York, of Blue Ox, told AppCraver recently.


Buka, It’s Great!

Buy Buka on the App StoreHexage’s Buka is great, just like "All your base belong to us" was once great. Too great for me, though, but that's just great. Buka is a glowing blue planet she-thing that you must maneuver past Mr.

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Ohpan Weeds Through Your News Feeds

Buy Ohpan on the App StoreOhpan is an iPhone app in the making. It’s a newsreader from AType Studios that adapts to delivering news bits that are most relevant to your. “Ohpan,” is pronounced “Open,” which is only a guess because I never did get around to asking anyone to be certain.

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Apple’s New 3G S Uses Speed and Video to Widen the Gap with Rivals

Apple continued to mop the floor with its smartphone rivals by introducing a new iPhone called the 3G S that is packed with an array of new features such as faster processing, sharper camera and the coup de grâce — video capture.


8 Cool, New Things You Can Do with Your iPhone and iPod touch

iphone-os-3-490x381Today’s the big day: The opening of  Apple’s Worldwide Developers Conference and the day Apple finally talked about its new and anticipated iPhone, the 3GS (for Speed). We’re covering all the details about the amazing, feature-packed 3GS in another story.


Skateropolis Is For Boarders to Skitch and Sk8

Skateropolis is a reference guide to 2,400 skate parks in the US and connects fans of the sport so they can comment on the venues they visit and view and post videos. Tap the Featured, Near Me or Search icon on the bottom menu bar to pop up a list of sk8parks.

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