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Golla Guard Pouch for iPhone

Golla Guard Pouch for iPhone -- One of the first things I did when I bought my iPhone last year was to buy a case. It’s since broken down so I decided to replace it with something more durable and flexible.

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Super Marble Roll is a Gleaming Orb of Good Times of Your iOS Device

Buy Super Marble Roll on the App StoreSuper Marble Roll, from iScape Games Ltd., is the typical flop, plop, drop and roll platform app. Think of it like Labyrinth, developed by Carl Loodberg of Codify AB, that AppCraver reviewed back in December or Mobigame’s Edge, which we reviewed in January.

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Put Things Off to Help Yourself Get Organized

Buy Put Things Off: The laid-back to-do list on the App StorePut Things Off, may seem like an odd name for the time-management tool that it is, but for people with simple needs and for professional procrastinators it does a terrific job. One of the problems that I’ve always had with time-keepers, time organizers and other time-related things is that it’s too much of a pain to enter information using the iPhone’s keypad.

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iDroidsMania is Artificial but Clever

Buy iDroidsMania on the App StoreiDroidsMania is Artificial Life’s first original game for the iPhone and iPod touch platforms and it’s as eye-fetching as a steaming stack of buttery pancakes smothered in genuine maple syrup.

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Interview with Noel Llopis, App Treasures

Developing the App Store is a "refreshening change of pace after spending several years in multi-million dollar game development," says Noel Llopis, indie iPhone game developer. AppCraver swapped emails with Llopis earlier this week to talk about  a new initiative by a group of indie developers to build a brand identity and to raise their visibility out of the potage that is now the App Store.


Stunt Car Racing Goes Off-Road Scrolling

Buy Stunt Car Racing 99 Tracks FREE on the App StoreStunt Car Racing 99 Tracks FREE is indeed free, so it will seem uncharitable of me to advise you to save your money but that’s what I’m about to do, unfortunately. Stunt Car Racing 99 Tracks FREE, from the usually reliable Digital Chocolate, is an ordinary side-to-side scroller.

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Lose Your Phone, Get it Back, Maybe

Lost iPhone recover appsI’m too paranoid to store anything vaguely sensitive on my iPhone. Where I draw the line is, “If I can’t afford to lose it, it does not live on my device.” It’s a bit irrational I know, when you consider that I could just as easily lose my wallet. Let’s just say, I have my quirks and you have yours.

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i-c-LiveCams (IP/PTZ Webcam Streaming Video)

Apps such as i-c-LiveCams (IP/PTZ Webcam Streaming Video) from Barry Egerter appeal to the voyeurs in all of us. This nifty little app enables anyone to view streaming video over Web cams —yours or someone else's — over any Wi-Fi and Internet connection.

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RedLaser Scans Barcodes but Still Needs to be Steadier to be Readier

RedLaser, a barcode scanner for your iPhone, seems like a great idea in principle, but it practice, its uses are far and few. What Occipital, the developer of RedLaser, intends is for you to be able to take a snapshot of a barcode, upload the image to a database where the captured barcode is deciphered and returned to you as a list of item descriptions and prices.

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Top Gun Scores in Flight School and War

Buy TOP GUN on the App StoreTop Gun has everything going for it: It's just been released by Paramount, a game publisher with a good rep. Iron Man, another shooter-on-rails earned good reviews when Paramount released it in December 2008.

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Griffin Technology'sTuneJuice Gives You More Go Go with Lady Gaga

Griffin TuneJuice -- If you count on your iPod (standard, mini or nano) to provide a nonstop soundtrack for your life, then you know there will come a time when you’ll be hearing your music machine wheeze to a stop instead of listening to Weezer.

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GeoLogTag Connects Your Photos with Space and Time

Buy GeoTagr ~ Versatile photo geotagging on the App StoreGeoLog Tag – If you’re a photo enthusiast or pro shooter, how many times have you taken photos with your digital camera and later needed to know precisely where you were when you tripped the shutter?

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Smartphone Experts Screen Protectors Aren't Brand-X

Smartphone Experts Screen Protectors (3-Pack) for iPhone — When I unboxed my iPhone for the first time, I caressed its gleaming surfaces and I said to myself, “Yo, this is a thing of beauty!” I would have kissed it except I didn’t want to smudge its immaculate reflection.

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STAR TREK Implements a Tired Concept Well

star-trek-electronic-arts-app-iphoneEA’s STAR TREK is the “official” iPhone and iPod touch app, which in the case, “official” means it was developed to promote the movie, something an increasing number of Hollywood studios are doing.

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BlueAnt V1 Bluetooth Headset: Excellent Audio Quality in a Lightweight Package

BlueAnt V1 Voice-Controlled Bluetooth Headset for iPhone 3G, iPhone – I haven’t been a big fan of Bluetooth headsets. I’ve tried a couple and I’ve never managed to get comfortable with them.

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