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It Takes Moxie to Win this Word Game

Moxie, a bitter soda from Maine, has come to mean “guts” or “nerve. It probably has something to do with the intestinal fortitude of those who drink this belly-washer. Moxie, the app from Blue Ox, also requires a strong stomach because you have to be willing to gamble to form words to score big points without using up all the letters in your hand.

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Spotlight: Piero DePaoli, senior director of global product marketing for iPass

The number of Wi-Fi locations and Wi-Fi on the iPhone and iPod touch made the creation of iPass Global Wi-Fi  service a no-brainer, says Piero DePaoli, senior director of global product marketing for iPass.


IndieBound Uses iPhone to Promote Business for Local Booksellers

Like everyone else, independent bookstores are struggling in today's knuckle-dragging economy, but their problems started years ago with the arrival of big-box bookstores in malls.

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Elvis Mobile is all Shook Up

If you’re a fan of the site, you’ll like the Elvis Mobile app. However, it you’re a fan of Elvis, then you might not find the Elvis Mobile app as appealing. Elvis Mobile is a direct link to, the site run by Elvis Presley Enterprises.

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Developer Rajesh Jain Banks on CalcsPro and His Mortgage Background

Rajesh Jain, is the developer of CalcsPro, one of the more popular mortgage calculator apps. We got in touch with Rajesh recently to see how well his app has been doing in the App Store, to find out what else he's working on and what impact he believes the debut of OS 3.0 will have on his app dev plans.


AdMob: iPhone Outweighs Competitors by Five Times Its Size Would Suggest

Despite its comparatively small share of the global smartphone market, Apple’s iPhone has been throwing its weight around like a pro sumo wrestler, according to AdMob’s monthly Mobile Metrics Report.


SmartTime Gives You More Time to Get Your Life In Order

Buy SmartTime! on the App StoreLeft Coast’s SmartTime+ (Calendar, ToDos, GTD), a to-do, calendar and task manager, is one of the more complete and flexible apps of this kind in the App Store, at least you’ll think so if you’re just not into time, like me.

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CHRONIC-les Compiles Pot Possession Regs State-by-State, and Finds NORML too

CHRONIC-les is a compilation of pot laws state-by-state, with a quickie function to send an email to the White House to advocate the legalization of marijuana. You can also use CHRONIC-les to pull up a map to find the whereabouts of your local NORML (The National Organization for the Reform of Marijuana Laws) chapter.

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June's The New Yorker Magazine Cover Features iPhone Finger Painting

The June 1 cover of The New Yorker magazine is a finger painting created on the iPhone. As far as I know, it’s the first time the iPhone has been used to create a magazine cover, at least for a brand-name pub.


Use Routine Timer When Practicing to Be Perfect

Routine Timer — Whether it’s a perfect physique or a winning streak on Jeopardy you're after, getting to the top takes a daily routine. If you need help staying focused on your goals and sticking to your plans, take a look at Routine Timer.

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Pick Up $500 with Pogo Stylus and a Bit of Artistic Talent

Although some artists can make finger painting on the iPhone and iPod touch look easy, it’s anything but that for the average Dick or Jane. Even with pinch and zoom, it’s hard to get in close enough for fine detail work.


Interview with Adam Saltsman of Semi Secret Software

Adam Saltsman and Eric Johnson, are co-founders of Semi Secret Software. If you're a fan of the popular Wurdle word game, then you'll probably recognize the company's name. Saltsman handles the design end, and Johnson does the coding.


Not for Tourists Wants Your Videos to Pump Its New York City App

Buy NFT City Guides on the App StoreNot for Tourists is looking to promote the forthcoming launch of Not for Tourists Manhattan, NFT's first iPhone app. NFT will dish out $500 to the person who submits the best marketing video to pimp NFT's first iPhone app, the company says.


Ragdoll Blaster Flips and Flops for Fun

Buy Ragdoll Blaster - A Physics Puzzler on the App StoreRagdoll Blaster is a quirky and a bit bizarre little game from Backflip Studios, and I mean that in a good way. All you have to do is fire ragdolls from a cannon at strategic points to solve increasingly complex puzzles.

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Genuitec’s New MobiOne Enables Enterprise Devs to Create Web Apps for the iPhone

Although some IT managers are coming around to the idea of supporting iPhones, most aren’t convinced that any smartphone app will ever be safe and rich enough for mission-critical applications.


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