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TaskData (Exchange Sync) for Outlook Tasks and Notes

taskdata-exchange-outlook-sync-iphoneDevelopers are increasingly introducing apps like TaskData (Exchange Sync) that attempt to bridge the gap between the iPhone and the enterprise. TaskData (Exchange Sync), from developer Phillip Zedalis, is a productivity application for business users who operate in a Microsoft Windows environment.

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Countdown Calendar Helps You Keep Track of Special Days

Buy Countdown Calendar on the App StoreCountdown Calendar, from developer Greg Maletic, helps you keep track of important events that are impending and helps you stay informed of just when the big day will arrives. For me, Countdown Calendar could also help me from falling into hot water with people because I forgot a special date or an appointment.

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CloudLayer Storage Needs a Shinier Silver Lining

Buy SoftLayer Mobile on the App StoreCloudLayer Storage, an app from SoftLayer Technologies, is free and includes 1GB of free storage. Everyone could use a little extra free online space, so, you figure there might be a catch.

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Tap News vs. News Fuse: Both Apps Consolidate Name-Brand News

news-fuse-tap-news-app-comparison-iphoneTap News and News Fuse are so similar in so many ways, I figured that I should compare them side-by-side. Tap News, from Sudobility, and News Fuse USA,  from icoderz, pull together articles from nine popular news outlets so you can access them all from one place.


Air Sharing Pro Back in the File Transfer App Battle

Buy Air Sharing on the App StoreAir Sharing, from Avatron Software, used to be the top dog in file transfer apps. That was light years ago in App Store time. Since September, when Air Sharing hit stride, several developers have introduced file transferring apps—many of them were more useful and less expensive.

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iBlues for When Your Woman and Dog Leave You

Buy iBlues on the App StoreI play iBlues because my woman done me wrong, my dog left me and if it wasn’t for bad luck, I wouldn’t have any luck at all. iBlues, from developer Surich Technologies, is a virtual blues harmonica.

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AT&T myWireless Mobile is Great for Slow Times

Buy myAT&T on the App StoreIn functionality, AT&T myWireless Mobile, is a nearly identical version of the company’s Web site. AT&T customers (and almost all of us are) can use this app to view and pay bills, view voice minutes and data usage, and add or remove features from their accounts.

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My Schedule Helps Students Keep Up in Class

Buy My Schedule on the App StoreMy Schedule is one in a very long list of time-management apps in the App Store. The truth is, there are so many capable apps in this category that it's nearly impossible for me to recommend one over the other.

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Ow My Balls! Will Either Make You Smile or Sore

Buy Ow My Balls! on the App StoreOw my Balls! is a game some people will think is hilarious and some will think it’s kick in the pants. If you like farts, have a loopy sense of humor, or are about 7 or 8 years old, you’ll think Ow My Balls!

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Whiteboard is for People Who Prefer to Show Than Tell

Buy Whiteboard on the App StoreWhiteboard developer, Sven Resch, took me on a virtual tour of his app the other day and I came away impressed with Whiteboard's features and its potential as a collaboration tool. Logicopolis Technology, Resch’s company, set Whiteboard 1.0.1 loose in the App Store at the end of April.

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QuickVoice PRO Recorder Has a Bonus

Buy QuickVoice2Text Email (PRO Recorder) on the App StorenFinity is using QuickVoice, a voice recorder for Macs and PCs,  as a lure to nab buyers for its new  iPhone version called QuickVoice PRO Recorder. QuickVoice is usually $15.00 but it’s free with when you buy the $0.99 app.

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Quickoffice Suite For Word, Excel and File Transfer

Buy Quickoffice® Pro on the App StoreQuickoffice Mobile Office Suite, from Quickoffice, is an overhaul of its versatile Quickoffice Mobile Pro, an app that combined Excel editing and file transfer functions. The big news here is Quickoffice Mobile Office Suite now features the ability to view, create and edit Word documents.

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No surprise, the iPhone Makes a Strong Showing in Annual Webby Awards Mobile Category

The Webby Awards,  said to be the “Internet’s Oscars,” were announced today. The annual (the thirteenth) Webby Awards honor excellence on the Internet including Websites, Interactive Advertising, Online Film & Video and Mobile Websites (about 70 categories in all).


Donut Games Stocks Shelves with 4 More Apps

donut-games-castle-smasher-iphoneOnline-game producer, Donut Games, has added four new games to its current inventory of four games for the iPhone and iPod touch. Donut Games says it will release additional titles. The games have been enhanced and updated for the new platform and use both touch screen and accelerometer.


Net Comics Isn't Funny Enough, Yet

Net Comics appNet Comics from developer Tweedle Works, shows lots of promise, but at the moment, I doubt many App Store customers who download the app will think it’s worth $3.99. Net Comics routes RSS and feeds from Webcomics cartoons to your iPhone and iPod touch.

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