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JellyCar Has iPhone Fans Raving for Hand-drawn Platform Game

Buy JellyCar on the App StoreHang on to your ejection seat, JellyCar has been released for the iPhone! With more than 463 reviews, JellyCar has received an average user rating of four out of five stars on the App Store.

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FlyCast - Surf the Web While You Listen to Your Tunes

The developers of FlyCast held nothing back when they released their music broadcasting app. Since its release to the App Store,  FlyCast has generated quite a few comments, and it seems most everybody liked the app.

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Shazam - 1.5 Million App Downloads, What's Next?

Buy Shazam on the App StoreHave you ever heard a song on the radio or being played over the speakers somewhere and wondered what it was? Well a new iPhone application known as Shazam takes care of that problem once and for all.


iPhone Developer University Program

iphone_university_stanford2Apple released information about the iPhone Developer University program, a free program that is available to higher education institutions throughout the country. This program would give university-level students hands-on opportunities to create and develop applications for the iPhone and iPod Touch.

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