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TouchCopy: A Great Way to Move Songs between iPhones

When I upgrade from an iPod Touch to an iPhone I needed to move my iTunes library from one device to the other.  I searched near and wide for an program that would allow me to do this and ended up purchasing at least 3 programs that just didn't work with either the iPhone or the iPod Touch!


ColorSutra: Color Matching 101

Buy colorSutra on the App StoreColorSutra claims to take the guesswork out of "matching colors" so the idea of using my iPhone (with its built-in camera) as an color matcher was a compelling one!  After downloading the application ($1.99), I decided to reach out to ColorSutra's developer, Alex Rybkin, to find out what the application really did and how it worked.

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Amplified Bible for BibleReader - Good but a Bit Expensive!

Buy Bible+ Maps on the App StoreThe Amplified Bible for BibleReader from Oliver Tree Bible Software builds on the company's BibleReader iPhone application ($0.99) to deliver the Amplified version of the Bible for the iPhone.

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Endless Walls - View, Share and Save Wallpaper

Okay, so Endless Walls from Motacore, LLC won't blow your socks off, but it does fill the basic need for wallpaper if that's your thing! The application provides an continuous stream of more than 7000 wallpapers (according to the company) that users can view, share and save.

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Air Sharing: Take Your Docs & View Them on The Go!

Buy Air Sharing for iPhone & iPod touch on the App StoreiPhone users are becoming less dependent on their laptops and are relying more on their iPhones to meet their basic communication and productivity needs.  Sadly missing from the iPhone however, is the ability to sync or access remote documents. 

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EveryTrail - Share Your Travel Experiences via iPhone

The idea behind EveryTrail is simple - use your iPhone, with its built-in GPS and camera, to map ("geotag") photos as you travel locally or around the world. EveryTrail then takes this "geotagged user generated travel content" and creates a unique mashup you can share online with your friend or the EveryTrail community.

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YouVersion's Bible - The Truth will Set you Free!

Buy Bible on the App StoreOther than the App Store, the only other place I have seen more Bibles for sales is my local Christian bookstore! The Bible is by far the best selling book of all time (over 6 billion copies in more than 2000 languages) so at some level perhaps it makes sense that there are over 30 Bible applications available on the App Store ranging from free to a pricey $28.99.

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Trulia Real Estate Search - Launching Early and Often!

Are you looking to buy or rent a house? Perhaps instead of searching online, you would rather whip out your trusty iPhone and simply click "Find Homes Nearby"? That's the basic idea behind Trulia Real Estate Search.

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Mr. Trivia Lite - 50's Style Trivia That Will Make You Laugh!

Buy Mr. Trivia on the App StoreReleased last week, Mr. Trivia Lite is really a free trial version of the more full featured Mr. Trivia, but as far as trivia games go, it's definitely entertaining! The game comes complete with 50's style game show graphics and sound effects!

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