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6 iPhone Apps for Rocket Scientists and Other Brainy Types

apps for scientists and brainy types

You know how when something is easy, people will say, “Well, it’s not exactly rocket science”? This time, we are literally talking about rocket science. This stuff is tricky, so hard-working rocket scientists need all the help they can get.


7 iPhone Apps for Politicos


The best thing about the iPhone is that it lets you keep in touch and up-to-date with everything you care about. That might mean checking social networking sites every few seconds, or texting your friends until your eyes melt.


iOS Reading Apps for Book Worms

ios reader apps for iPhone and iPad

For those new to the world of the iPhone, the discovery that you can easily and comfortably read on that little screen is a bit of a revelation. Suddenly, you can carry entire volumes of prose in your pocket, as easily as your contacts list.


Make Your Voice Sound Crazy in Real Time with Voicemod

Buy voicemod on the App Store

There are plenty of voice modification apps in the App Store, but voicemod for iOS comes with a unique twist. Rather than recording the user’s voice in advance, then altering the recording after the fact, voicemod makes your voice sound crazy in real time.

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Try Not to Die in Falling Fred

Buy Falling Fred on the App Store

While on its surface Falling Fred might seem like another sadistic gore-fest, along the lines of DoodleBoy, it’s actually a nice little action title with a good sense of humor. It can still get pretty bloody, though.

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LastStandStan Brings Arcade-Style Action to iPhone Gaming

The iPhone makes a great gaming platform, don’t get me wrong. And the popularity of iOS has created a kind of renaissance of handheld gaming. That much is certain. The problem is that many-- maybe most-- developers don’t understand that making a successful game for iOS means working within the limitations of the device.

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Bet Agenda Keeps Your Gambling Record Straight

While the expression “There’s an app for that” has moved from advertising slogan to cliche, and wound up a punchline, sometimes there just isn’t a better way to capture the sense of novelty that comes along with the discovery that there’s yet another thing that crazy iPhone can do.

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iOS Apps for iPhone Foodies

iphone apps for foodies

iPhone owners are, for the most part, a sophisticated bunch. Whether it’s because their good taste in mobile devices carries over to the world of food, or because expensive data plans price out the unwashed masses, you’ll see lots of folks texting and fiddling with their iPhones at your local farmer’s market or Whole Foods.


Click Sport is a Sports-Themed Game of Recognition


Before the sports fans get too excited, it’s worth mentioning that Click Sport, a new matching game for iOS, has little to do with sports. It’s a game where images appear in a grid, and the player must tap all the images of a particular kind.

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Soar Over a Colorful Landscape in Tiny Wings

Buy Tiny Wings on the App Store

Tiny Wings is one of those one-button mobile games meant for casual gamers. Like NinJump Deluxe and others, the key to getting a high score in Tiny Wings lies in perfectly timing when you tap the screen.

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iTabo is a Party (Game) That Fits in the Palm of Your Hand

Buy Battle of Words on the App Store

iTabo is a great idea, well executed. The app markets itself as a word game, but it can more accurately be called a “party game,” one of those quasi-board games you’re meant to play with a group, with or without a few alcoholic beverages to help the hilarity along.

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Radical Math Apps for Number Nerds and Finance Geeks

math and finance apps for ios

It’s no secret that nerds of all varieties have a safe haven in the App Store. While much attention has been given to the glamorous nerd kingdoms of comic books and science fiction, the more practical skill set of knowing how to manipulate figures, make wise investment choices, and plot coordinates on a chart has not yet had its day in the sun.

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Justyourtrip New York Turns Your iPhone into a Tour Guide

Justyourtrip New York for iOS

The rough economy has definitely made its mark on travel. One solution to the problem of not having all that much money has been the infinitely depressing “staycation.” The other, better way to do it is to make traveling a lot cheaper.

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Romance Your iPhone with My Virtual Girlfriend

Buy My Virtual Girlfriend on the App Store

My Virtual Girlfriend, though it calls itself a “dating simulation” game, bears less of a resemblance to real dating than an iPhone flight simulator bears to controlling aircraft. In flight simulators, the player might get a faint glimpse of understanding of the challenges and dangers of aviation.

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Don't Drink and Drive! Simulates Driving in a Drunken Stupor

Don’t Drink and Drive! is a new educational game for the iPhone, intended to discourage drinking and driving. Straightforward and well-intentioned as this sounds, it is not what you’re expecting.

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