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Essential iPhone Apps for Social Media Addicts

best social networking appsThe iPhone is dangerously conducive to an incurable case of Social Media Addiction. Symptoms of SMA include the inability to enter any establishment—even a dentist’s office or a Kinko’s—without checking in on Foursquare.

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Plan Your Next Fishing Trip with WFN Fishing Log

WFN Fishing Log will document the trip for you If you love to fish, and you have an iPhone, you’re likely already obsessed with WFN Fishing Log. On the off chance that you’re not, this is the new app on offer from, the online community/compendium of all things fishing-related.

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Solve Puzzles and Ogle Ladies with Shanghai Party Girls

Solve the puzzle to see Shanghai Party Girls in all their glory To the credit of Shanghai Party Girls, a new app for the iPhone, it’s not just a hastily-thrown-together collection of pictures that were obviously culled from a Google image search.

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Entertain and Embarrass Your Friends with Super Friends!

Super Friends quiz gameSuper Friends! the app is not to be confused with the campy animated show from the 1970s. Instead, it’s an irreverent social media Q & A game, similar to countless to Facebook applications.

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Boom Boat is a Blast of a Physics Puzzler

Buy Boom Boat on the App StoreDrop bombs and save the world in Boom Boat Boom Boat belongs to a game genre that seems to be in some sort of renaissance: the handheld physics-based cartoon puzzler. After the success of Angry Birds, it’s no surprise that developers are doing everything they can to get their slice of that App Store pie.

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Fantastic iPhone Movie Apps for Film Fanatics

movie apps for ios and iphone 4Download a few iOS movies apps and the iPhone or iPad can easily become a Film Fanatic's version of a mobile home theater system. The Oscars are nearly here, and regardless of whether the award strikes you as glamorous fun or just self-congratulatory, odds are you’ll want to catch up on some of the movies that are earning buzz.


DoodleBoy - The Violence Park: Battle Legions of Clowns and Zombies

Buy DoodleBoy - Park Adventure on the App StoreDoodleBoy doesn't fear the reaper The name this game—DoodleBoy - The Violence Park—really tells you everything you need to know. This game is really, really violent. The name also tells you that this game belongs in the ever-growing list of doodle-themed games for the iPhone and iPod Touch.

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Filing your Taxes is Dead Simple with TurboTax SnapTax

Buy TurboTax SnapTax - Complete and e-file simple 2013 tax returns on the App StoreTurboTax SnapTax is a novel and convenient way to do your taxes, requiring only your iPhone and whatever W-2’s your employer sent in the mail. While it might not be the most cost-effective option out there, and it certainly will not work with every tax bracket, SnapTax is sure to find an adoring group of users who are too busy to do taxes the old fashioned way.

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Mad Skills Motocross is One Serious Motocross Game

Buy Mad Skills Motocross on the App StoreLand jumps and best your opponents in Mad Skills Motocross There are tons of motocross games on the iPhone, and they all have the same basic controls. Steering is ignored entirely. What the player controls is the tilt of the bike, the acceleration, and the brake.

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Challenge Yourself with Mini Cannon, a Fun Physics-Based Puzzle Game

Mini CannonMini Cannon has earned a fair amount of buzz for being the first game published under the GameSalad Accelerator program. This means that the developer, Gendai Games, created Mini Cannon using GameSalad Creator, a free program that allows for the programming of original games, using an innovative visual interface.

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Flying Hamster is a Frenzied Cartoon Shoot 'Em Up

Buy Flying Hamster on the App StoreIn Flying Hamster, bees, berries and beer become weapons Flying Hamster manages to have it both ways: it’s a handheld game that’s light and silly, but it’s also a fast-paced action game that’s challenging and tough to put down.

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Climb, Jump, and Fight Your Way to the Top in NinJump Deluxe

NinJump DeluxeNinJump Deluxe is in a class of games that owes its existence to the iPhone, games that can only be played with a screen held in portrait mode. We’ll call them “vertical platformers.” In this type of game, the player must move the character upward, not forward.

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Measure Faraway Objects with SpectaRuler

Buy SpectaRuler on the App StoreSpectaRuler is a very clever utility that allows the user to measure the distance, height, and elevation of objects. How is this possible without actually walking up to the object with a massive tape measure?

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Learn to Play Your Favorite Songs with Capo

Buy Capo on the App StoreCapo is a clever app that gets to the heart of why budding musicians bother to practice in the first place: to learn to play the songs they love. Toward this end, Capo will slow down whatever music you have saved on your iPhone, iPod, or iPad, so that you can play along at a speed that matches your skill level.

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Planet Waves Guitar Tools is a Wealth of Guitar Utilities

Planet Waves Guitar ToolsPlanet Waves Guitar Tools for iPhone, iPod Touch, and iPad aims to be the only portable guitar utility kit you’ll ever need. The app has a staggering number of features, including a chord finder, scales, metronome, tuner, and guitar store locator.

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