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Tubulous Is An Intriguing Idea...That I'm Not Sold On

Buy Tubulous on the App StoreTubulous Global Social Podcasting - I’m usually up on all the latest trends pertaining to the nebulous “Web 2.0” movement, but the team over at Interlacia has got my attention with their debut application for the iPhone.

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Assassin's Creed - Altair's Chronicles Stands Alone

Buy Assassin's Creed™ - Altaïr's Chronicles on the App StoreAssassin’s Creed: Altair’s Chronicles - In what’s arguably one of the biggest releases yet on the iPhone, Gameloft has taken on the ambitious task of making the first iPhone game based on Ubisoft’s Assassin's Creed.

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UniWar is a TENsational Turn-based Strategy Game for iOS

Buy UniWar HD on the App StoreUniWar - Please briefly indulge me while I provide a little preamble for this review…I consider the turn based strategy genre as an acquired taste. In my experience, folks tend to either love them or hate them, with few falling somewhere in the middle of those extremes.

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iPlay Unleashes It's Fast and Furious Sequel

Buy Fast Five the Movie: Official Game on the App StoreNearly two months ago I reviewed a fun yet flawed racer in Fast and Furious: Pink Slip. It was a game that admirably represented it’s license with a solid racing experience packed with interesting gameplay modes.

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Here's Squashem: An Unintentional Tech Demo

Buy Squashem Ball on the App StoreSquashem - If like getting your roll on, you may want to pay attention. To be clear, I’m not referring to anything related to drugs or dancing, but rather, a brand new game brought you from the bunch over at Jelly Biscuits.

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A Classic Reborn...Myst Engulfs the iPhone

Buy Myst on the App StoreMyst for iPhone - Yes, this review is about that Myst, the legendary PC game that essentially put point and click adventure games on the map. Though that style of game isn’t so popular in the age of first person shooters and advances in technology, there is a simple and elegant quality to the genre that still makes it relevant in my eyes.

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Water Balloon Drop Hollywood is All About Mindless Fun

Ever been to Hollywood? If not, what would be the first thing you’d want to do? Check out the Hollywood Walk of Fame, the Grauman’s Chinese Theater, or have a bite at the world-famous Pink’s Hot Dogs?

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Hell Yeah! StickWars Uses Simple Gameplay, Requires Real Strategy

Buy StickWars on the App StoreGet ready to get stuck up! Not in a literal sense, but rather, a new addictive game from indie developer John E. Hartzog which has blazed its way to the top of the App Store. StickWars is a frenetic war game that aims to capture the perfect balance of simple gameplay and meaningful strategy.

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Prepubescent Boys Rejoice... Bikini Times Are Here!

The team over at Golden Plum collectively has a big pair by moving forward with their audacious new application. Bikini Alarm Clock is the fruit of their labor that’s intended to get a rise out of their audience.

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iBrawl - Hail to the Chief Will Grab And Lose Your Attention in Short Order

Buy iBrawl - Hail to the Chief on the App StoreAre you fed up with the economic recession? Do you wish you can lay into a corporate goon that’s stealing our tax money from government handouts? I know I am, and Icarus Interactive is hoping you are too.

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Touch Ski 3D is an Original iPhone Game, Done Right for Sport-loving Gamers

Buy Touch Ski 3D on the App StoreTouch Ski 3D - I’ve always had a weird fascination with extreme winter sports. Granted I’m not a skier or snowboarder by any stretch of the imagination, I’ve always enjoyed watching some of the amazing feats that professional “extreme” athletes pull off at the ESPN X-Games.

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Bowman Is An Enjoyable Work In Progress

Buy Bowman on the App StoreLentrica Software’s debut iPhone application is Bowman, a quick-hitting game that is all about playing up the one-on-one archery duel. In terms of its origin, Bowman is a port of a popular game available on several flash gaming portals.

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Rowmote Will Make You Hug Your Macs

Buy Rowmote: Remote Control for Mac on the App StoreRowmote - Most advertising and marketing messages I encounter registers as background noise somewhat akin to what you’d hear in a crowded mall around the holiday season. You see messages everywhere on your television, favorite websites, mobile phone, billboards, airline tray-backs, and even urinals.

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StuntCopter Perfectly Ports a 22-Year-Old Game to the iOS Platform

Buy StuntCopter on the App StoreThe latest case of a highly regarded classic being reborn comes from independent developer nerdgames. In their debut application for the iPhone, they are bringing back StuntCopter developed by the late Duane Blehm.

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2XL Supercross ... The Best Looking Game on the iPhone

Buy 2XL Supercross on the App StoreWelcome to the high octane world of Motocross racing brought to you courtesy of 2XL Games. 2XL Supercross is a game that is looking to place a fat stamp on the racing genre. After spending some quality time with 2XL Supercross, it’s fair to say that headline racers like Crash Bandicoot Nitro Kart, Fastlane Street Racing, and Aqua Moto Racing have officially been put on notice.

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