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Trophy Whitetail 3D Hunting Aims for the Shooting Trophy...

Buy 3D Hunting™ Trophy Whitetail Free on the App StoreFor all of you guys that enjoy hunting a variety of animals like deer, elk, caribou, and bears; Hands-On Mobile has cooked up something just for you. Trophy Whitetail 3D Hunting is a game that places you in the shoes of a hunter with several weapons available to kill your targeted game.

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Iron Fist Boxing is Almost Ready for Main Event Status

Buy Iron Fist Boxing HD Edition on the App StoreIron Fist Boxing - The rise in popularity for Mixed Martial Arts (MMA) has been long overdue. MMA is a sport that throws out rules pertaining to fighting styles and gives fans the cross discipline match-ups they want to see.

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Buzzbuka Makes Communication Unique and Fun!

Buy Buzzbuka (Covert Messaging) on the App StoreBuzzbuka (Covert Messaging) - With the App Store surpassing 30,000 applications available for download, it’s both a great and scary piece of news. On one hand, the raw numbers point to both the promise and success of Apple’s digital marketplace.

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Alpine Racer Shows Promise But Lacks Depth

Namco’s Alpine Racer series has historically been a fixture in arcades (when they were popular in the States...) for over a decade. It is a downhill skiing series that relied on beautiful graphics and an interesting swiveling apparatus (picture here) that aimed at simulating a skiing experience.

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Wolfenstein 3D Classic Proves FPS Games Can Work on iPhone

Buy Wolfenstein 3D Classic Platinum on the App StoreWolfenstein 3D Classic - I was fourteen years old when I got my first taste of what a first person shooter (FPS) was. After I took my hands off the keyboard and mouse attached to my family’s 486 DX2 computer that powered Wolfenstein, it was a done deal; I was hooked!

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Flight Control is a Complete Joy to Play

Buy Flight Control on the App StoreFlight Control - There is no greater joy than playing a simple game that knows and relishes the fact that it’s a simple game. Firemint has done just that with the release of their new title, Flight Control, a game that delivers an air traffic controller experience that is tailor made for the iPhone.

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Mafia Games Round Up: Who is the iPhone Don?

Mafia Games for iPhoneDue to popular demand, we’re devoting a feature here that gives you the skinny on many of the Mafia games that have infiltrated the App Store. The jump in popularity for this emerging style of game can largely be traced to its MySpace/Facebook beginnings with Mob Wars leading the way.

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Mafia Live Brings On Its Virtual Mobster Simulation

Mafia Live - Mafia games have become all the rage nowadays. They populate social networking platforms sporting millions of active users all over the country. Aftershock Innovations has taken it upon themselves to recreate the magic for iPhone so you follow through on the application’s tag line to “build your family” and take over the world.

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The Oregon Trail + iPhone = Win!!!

Buy The Oregon Trail on the App StoreThe Oregon Trail - One of the fondest memories I have from my days in elementary school was playing a simple little game that was all about taking some settlers and their wagon on a 2000-mile voyage from one end of the country to the other. 

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Lux DLX: Risk Lovers Can Battle On to Dominate

Buy Lux DLX on the App StoreAttention to all “Risk” aficionados and fanatics, Sillysoft Games is showing you some love for your itch to achieve world domination. Lux DLX is the mobile version of their desktop oriented game, Lux Delux, which has a sizable following on the net.

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Aqua Moto Racing Makes a Huge Splash

Buy Aqua Moto Racing on the App StoreAqua Moto Racing - It’s starting to get a little bit crazy how the bar continually keeps getting raised with iPhone games. Right when a stellar game is starting to enjoy the limelight as the new hotness, in comes another new app that raises the stakes.

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Sentinel Ups the Ante for Tower Defense Games

Buy Sentinel: Mars Defense on the App StoreSentinel - Tower defense (TD) games have proven to be a genre that can be done extremely well on the iPhone. The cream of the crop in this genre currently includes titles such as Fieldrunners, 7 Cities, The Creeps, and they all have their own quirks that make them unique.

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Fast and Furious: Pink Slip Is A Safe Gamble

Buy Fast Five the Movie: Official Game on the App StoreFast and Furious: Pink Slip - One of my most anticipated movies of the year is coming out next month, "Fast & Furious.” It’s the fourth entry in the high octane film series, but this particular release marks the return of all of the major actors from the first film.

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Buster Boy is no Buster Bros....

Buy Buster Boy on the App StoreBuster Boy - While the iPhone has enjoyed a wide range of mainstream and decidedly conventional games in it’s growing library, we’ve also seen some interesting and obscure titles made available as well (Hey Rolando!).

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Rogue Touch Remixes a 30 Year Old Classic

Buy Rogue Touch on the App StoreRogue Touch - Reviving classic games for a new generation is the new black. I’m happy to say that I’ve been around long to enough to have first hand experiences with the original versions of newly re-imagined games to compare and contrast from a historic perspective.

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