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'stachetastic: A Digital Update on a Classic Pastime

Buy 'stachetastic on the App Store'stachetastic - I'm sure there are some people who are reading this who never grew past the stage when they thought it was hilarious to draw fake mustaches on people. (I certainly didn't.) And yet, these days, everything is digital.

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Epic Pet Wars Are The Cutest Wars Ever

app_epicpetwarsGenerally, when I'm assigned an application to review, I head to the App Store, download it, and check it out. When it comes to Epic Pet Wars by Miraphonic, however, it just so happened that I'd already downloaded it and even considered suggesting that I review it.

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Sea Rascals Is Frantic But Fun

Buy Sea Rascals on the App StoreIt's kind of funny — I grew up in the Florida Keys, so to me (and probably to most people, actually), the ocean is all about tranquility. However, Sea Rascals, which is set in the ocean? Makes me frantic!

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Trixel Makes "Deceptively Simple" Definitely Satisfying

Someone send help; I'm addicted to Trixel! Stopping to write this review is killing me! Well, OK, it's not that dire. But Trixel, the new puzzle game by ADEPT Games is rather enthralling. It's really simple to pick up, and somehow manages to be both easier and harder than you'd think.

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Flower Garden's A Satisfying Alternative to the Real Thing

Buy Flower Garden - Grow Flowers and Send Bouquets on the App StoreI always joke that I can’t have kids, because I can barely keep a plant alive. Well, with Flower Garden by Snappy Touch, my virtual green thumb is put to the test. Luckily, the results are worth the effort, and even if i kill a plant or two, at least I’m not left with a dried-out, messy pot of dirt. Let’s call it a win-win.

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iLick: Less Fun Than a Pet Store

Buy iLick® on the App StoreiLick - I love dogs. Love 'em. I have a picture of some random papillon as the wallpaper on my iPhone so I can pretend I own a dog. Big dogs, little dogs, Scottie dogs, Rottweilers, Cocker Spaniels, Great Danes, Golden Retrievers, mutts, purebreds...I pretty much adore anything vaguely canine.

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iTalk Keeps the Conversation Alive

iTalk - So, you know how sometimes you're hanging out with people, or you're at some party, or, god forbid, on a first date, and the conversation just kind of...stops? If you fear awkward silences (and really, who doesn't?), iTalk by Bitix may be just the application for you.

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Diamond Fever Shines On

Diamond Fever - You know, there are some games or applications I download that I'm instantly excited about, and they end up being awesome. Then, there are the ones that sound great at first, but are actually disappointing once I start using them.

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Camera Zoom Is A Step In The Right Direction For Taking iPhone Pictures

Buy Camera Zoom 4 on the App StoreCamera Zoom - Along with probably every other iPhone owner in the world, I’ve always been frustrated with the native iPhone camera. Sure, it takes a decent photo at close range if the light is good and if you hold the phone perfectly still, but beyond that, not so much. For the Twitter-obsessed like myself, for instance, who might want to TwitPic a concert shot, you’re pretty much out of luck if you’re not in the front row.

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Leaf Trombone Will Blow You Away

Buy Leaf Trombone: World Stage on the App StoreLeaf Trombone: World Stage - There's something vaguely intimidating about being assigned to review an application and, upon doing a little research, finding out that it's an extremely hotly-anticipated app from a developer with a line of very successful, high-profile offerings.

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Balloon Headed Boy: Light Fun for Everyone

Buy Balloon Headed Boy Free on the App StoreI'm a sucker for cutesy action games, so it comes as no surprise that I really like Balloon Headed Boy. The story of Balloon Headed Boy makes about as much sense as these types of games ever make, which is to say that apparently Balloon Headed Boy's birthday party has been postponed by a horrible storm of rain and frogs.

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Puzzle Quiz Keeps it Simple, to Great Effect

Buy Puzzle Quiz on the App StorePuzzle Quiz - When I download games for my iPhone, I usually prefer apps that aren't going to take too much effort. Sure, I want something that'll keep me occupied, but generally if it's a game that would require me to look up hints online, or if it takes really long to complete a round or two, I won't be all that interested.

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Coupon Sherpa Is Here To Help You Save

Buy Coupon Sherpa: Free Coupons & Shopping App on the App StoreThe old saying goes "you have to spend money to make money." With Coupon Sherpa, you have to spend money to save money, it's up to you to decide whether the $1.99 price tag is worth it. My guess?

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Shopper Takes Your Grocery List Digital

Buy Shopper - Grocery List, Shopping List and Recipes on the App StoreShopper - While I generally love to shop, I have to say, I hate making lists. I just do. I like to feel spontaneous and unfettered, and lists of any kind are generally the antithesis of that.

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Pet Pals: Plenty of Bark For Your Bucks

Buy Pet Playpen on the App StorePet Pals - As someone who rather pathetically longs for a dog, but finds the combination of living in an apartment and owning two cats to be somewhat of an obstacle, I have to say that Pet Pals is...well, it's not as good as a the real thing, but as far as substitutes go, it's not so bad.

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