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Ringtone Recorder: Make It Personal

Buy Ringtone Recorder Unlimited FREE Ringtones on the App StoreRingtone Recorder - While the iPhone offers numerous features and customization options, most ringtones (officially-sanctioned ones, at any rate) have been limited to songs purchased in the iTunes store which are enabled to be used as ringtones.

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Bounce On: Adventures in Roll-Playing!

Buy Bounce On on the App StoreHere's the deal: Bounce On by Team Phobic is really fun to play. It's as simple as that. It's a side-scrolling adventure game, similar to Super Mario Brothers or Sonic the Hedgehog, and it's adorable and addictive and...did I mention it's really fun to play?

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Bailout America: More Fun Than The Actual Economy

Bailout America is a financially-themed arcade game for iPhone.Really now, what good is a financial crisis if there's no arcade game about it? Bailout America by Doe Doe Games combines the United States' current economic mess with an old-fashioned Lemmings-style strategy game.

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Indigo Ocho: Maze Game With Style

Buy Indigo Ocho on the App StoreIndigo Ocho - Mazes are one of the oldest forms of puzzles in the world. For literally thousands of years, people have worked to follow paths through mazes and labyrinths, making false starts and wrong turns, sometimes getting trapped, always trying to find their way to the end. 

Tracy Rodgers rated this app 4.0/5 | Category: ,

Peek: Curious? Take a Peek at this Social Networking App

Buy Peek on the App StoreIf you feel that you can never have too many social networking apps, you're in luck — another one has just sprung up. Peek (by Agile Dimension) is a social networking app that lets you find other users in your area (or anywhere, really), who can share photos and things on their profiles.

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GoLearn Skateboarding: A Pro For Your Pocket

GoLearn Skateboarding Explained - Let's get this out of the way: my knowledge of skateboarding is limited to knowing that Tony Hawk is some kind of bigshot (enough to rate his own video game, at any rate) and the occasional viewing of The X Games on TV when there's nothing else on.

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PileUp! Candymania: More Fun, Less Filling

Buy PileUp! Candymania on the App StorePileUp! Candymania (from RealNetworks), a cross between a normal "match three" type of game like Bejeweled and classic Tetris, is certainly the sweetest thing I've seen for the iPhone. There are 60 levels of increasing difficulty in which players manipulate bright, shiny pieces of candy to pile matching pieces together and clear the level.

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Jiyuka: Say It With Flowers

Buy Jiyuka - Zen Flower Art on the App StoreJiyuka - Sometimes, nature and technology are just not meant to collide. However, at other times, the result can be quite beautiful. Jiyuka, created by Wolfgang Steiner, is described on iTunes as "a modern form of Ikebana, the traditional Japanese art of flower arrangement." And, well, that is what Jiyuka is.

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GeoTweeter: Where You Are When You're On The Move

GeoTweeter — Confession time: I am obsessed with Twitter. The ability to send all my friends real-time updates about what I'm doing or thinking, combined with the opportunity to hear the intimate thoughts of Fall Out Boy's Pete Wentz or The Office's Rainn Wilson, is just the sort of technology I can really get behind.

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Brain Thaw: Got A Cool Head for Math?

Buy Brain Thaw on the App StoreBrain Thaw - I feel comfortable saying that there's nothing in the world that can't be improved at least a little bit by adding penguins. They're cute! They waddle! They... eat numbers? In Brain Thaw, they do.

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Mission Zero: Be An Environmental Hero

Buy Mission Zero on the App StoreWould-be environmental heroes, your time has come. Mission Zero - Sustainability News, created by digital scientists, is a companion iPhone app for The goal of (and by extension, this application) is to inform and energize users about small changes they can make, or actions they can take, to rise up, help conserve the environment and, ultimately, "get to zero environmental footprint" — hence the name.

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Octo's Tales: Pirates! Cannons! And...UFOs?

Buy Octo's Tales on the App StoreIf you're an octopus pirate, you can't just sit back when you're attacked by UFOs — you have to fight them off! (There's a sentence I never thought I'd type.) And in Octo's Tales by Granet Entertainment, that's exactly what you do.

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FindIT Carnival: A Party in Your Pocket?

Buy FindIT Carnival on the App StoreIf you were ever into things like Where's Waldo? and I Spy, it seems like FindIT Carnival by Granet Entertainment should be right up your alley. It's a great way to work on your powers of observation.

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Pharce: Pictures Worth More Than A Thousand Words

Pharce - Sometimes I look at pictures on my iPhone and think "if only I could animate the mouth somehow and make this photo speak." OK, that's not true. But now that I have Pharce, I can't help but wonder why I never thought that.

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iGuardDog: Get Your Paws Off My iPhone!

iGuardDog - Cell phones have always been a pretty personal thing, and the more features and abilities those phones have, the more personal they become. It's no longer just a matter of the numbers in a phone book, but of family photos, clandestine text messages — some people have almost their whole lives on their iPhones!

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