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Pocket God: What Kind of Ruler Are You?

Pocket God iconIs the man getting you down? Ever wished you could call the shots? Pocket God is here to fulfill your dreams. This new game from Bolt Creative allows you to be the god of a small island nation. And by "small" I mean small — only six pygmies to an island, folks.

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Brainy Puzzles: CryptArithm Will Strain Your Brain

Buy Brainy Puzzles: CryptArithm on the App StoreAspiring cryptographers and codebreakers, have I got an app for you! Brainy Puzzles: CryptArithm (the first in a series of "solid, serious and challenging" puzzle games created by Gamecentric) offers over 500 math-based logic puzzles that are sure to get the wheels turning and the brain cells bubbling.

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Kitty Kannon: Ready, Aim, Meow!

Before I write this review, I just need to let you know: I'm not sure whether Kitty Kannon by Stix&Stones is intended for cat lovers or cat haters. And this is, obviously, very important information!

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Site Check: Browse the Web Safely on iPhone

"Stay alert," my father always told me; a reminder to his little girl that it pays to be careful, that safety is not just a matter of luck, but something to actively seek. Site Check, developed by Kevin O'Regan, aims to be a protective parent for the iPhone, allowing users to check websites and web pages for malware and potential phishing attacks.

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Munster Matcher is a Matching Game That Requires Monster Memory

If you're afraid of ghosts and ghouls and things that go bump in the night, you had better leave a light on,, not really. Munster Matcher, despite being chock-full of, well, monsters, isn't scary at all.

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PhotoTalk: Add Audio Clips to iPhone Photos

Since iPhone owners are still without a video-shooting mode, Metacreature Apps is trying to help ease the pain with PhotoTalk, an application which allows users to add up to 30 seconds of audio to their photos.

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CatDoku: Cat Sudoku has Nine Cats But Not Nine Lives

Buy CatDoku - Cat Sudoku on the App StoreCatDoku - Cat Sudoku, created by James Thomson and presented by ELogicPuzzles, is exactly what you think it is: a version of the popular logic game Sudoku, using cats instead of numbers. In case you've somehow missed out on Sudoku, the concept is fairly simple.

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iMantra: Virtual Meditation for the Guru-On-the-Go

Buy iMantra on the App StoreEver wished you had a pocket guru? iMantra is here to help. iMantra from Studio Six Digital offers dozens of mantras in several different categories, including Buddhist, Hindu, Universal and Planetary.

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Archibald's Adventures: Excellent Platformer-style Action

Buy Archibald's Adventures on the App StoreAs a child of the eighties (I was born in '81), I spent countless hours of my childhood playing the Super Mario Brothers games. I know them, I love them, and I won't lie, sometimes I miss them.

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The Flakery: Creating Virtual Snowflakes is Pretty Cool

I live in New York. For the the first 26 years of my life, I lived in Florida, but now I live in New York. And New York? Is cold. So, to be totally honest, I'm really kind of over snow. And because of that, I should probably hate The Flakery, an application created by Paul Maciorowski that allows users to create virtual paper snowflakes.

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Chop Sushi: Cooking Up Some Raw Fun in Match-Three Genre

Buy Chop Sushi! on the App StoreGood news for the less-adventurous eaters out there: you don't have to like actual sushi to enjoy Chop Sushi, the puzzle game by THQ. Chop Sushi has a few different modes, but the heart of the application is a simple switch-and-match game, similar to Bejeweled.

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Send Multiple Pics in One Message with Multi-Photo Email

Multi-Photo Email: In the race to have the shiniest, most feature-heavy phone, iPhone users are pretty much at the front of the pack. I myself went through about three phones a year, always looking for something, well, cooler, until I got my iPhone.

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Newtonica2: Plucky Puzzle Game Requires Strategy

Buy newtonica2 – Return of the Baby Bird on the App StoreOf all the games that I've downloaded for my iPhone, Newtonica2 by Fieldsystem Inc is quite possibly the nicest. Or the most aesthetically pleasing, at any rate. The graphics are fairly simple, but they look terrific.

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i-Doodz Character Creator for Avatars

Noel Hartshorn and Dennis Harrison want you to have Doodz on your iPhone, it appears, which is presumably why they created i-Doodz. i-Doodz is a highly customizable program that allows users to create characters (the aforementioned "doodz") that they can then save to their phones, use as wallpapers, or even send as e-cards.

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mi Face Lets Users Create Personalized Avatars

mi Face - Do you secretly have your crush's phone number saved in your iPhone? And are you too chicken to snap a photo of him or her to assign to their listing in your contacts? Do you wish you had an easy solution?

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