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myEye: Jeeper Creepers it's an Interactive Peeper

Buy myEye - Interactive Eye + 2of6 matching game on the App StoreIf you like being watched (oh, we know you're out there), here's some good news for you: myEye, the first application from Jelly Biscuits, gives you the opportunity to have a big animated eyeball right on your iPhone.

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iFluff Pets is an Adorable, if Pointless, Virtual Pet App

app_ifluff1The iFluff Pets app, created by SGN, is destined to be (OK, fine, already is) the sort of application that I absolutely don't need but inexplicably love. The mobile version of the popular Facebook application (fluff)Friends, iFluff is a virtual pet-owning application that doesn't actually do much other than look adorable. If that's all you want it for, though, you're in good shape, because it is awfully cute.

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