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Pinpoint Colors With iSpectrum Color Blind Assistant

ispectrumiSpectrum Color Blind Assistant by Wishbone Apps offers up some very useful features for the color blind as well as those who are not. The app is straight forward and a breeze to use. Upon running iSpectrum Color Blind Assistant the user is given the option to choose an existing photo from their library or to take a new one with the iPhone or iPod touch camera.

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Eye vs. Eye Tests Your Skill for Perceiving Color

Eye vs EyeEye vs. Eye by FORMation Alliance is a great little game for improving or testing your color matching skills. FORMation Alliance is an up and coming iPhone and iPod touch app contributor with a focus on designers.

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Craigsphone is Almost All You Need to Use Craigslist with iPhone

Craigsphone by Next Mobile Web is so close to being the best and most full-featured Craigslist app for the iPhone. I've previously reviewed two other Craigslist iPhone apps. Both CraigsMobileList and CraigSearch lacked certain much-needed features and neither had the ability to post sales.

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Banner Communicates with Scrolling LED Messages

Buy Banner on the App StoreI haven’t found a practical use for Banner by yet and I’m not sure if I ever will. The ability to create an advertising LED on your iPhone or iPod touch doesn’t really seem like a useful function on such a small personal device.

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Lifehack App is a Simplified Clone of Web site

Buy Lifehack on the App is a website dedicated providing articles detailing how to get things done quickly. As far as their app goes, it does quite the opposite. If you are a follower of (the Web site) then you will probably want to check out Lifehack (the app) by Stepcase Limited.

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Photonasis 2.0 May be a Bit to Basic for Most

Photonasis 2.0 by Mohamed Moshrif is a very basic iPhone or iPod touch photo “editing” app. I wouldn’t exactly call what its functions do truly editing a photo. The structure of Photonasis 2.0 is quite basic.

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CraigSearch Lacks, But Gets The Job Done

CraigSearch by PheedYou, Inc. is another app with the sole purpose of searching the popular online market place I recently reviewed the app CraigsMobileList which basically performs the same task of searching craigslist.

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Wired Product Reviews: Does Just That

Wired Product Reviews by CondeNet (the company behind Wired Magazine) is a simple and creatively designed app for the iPhone and iPod touch. If you are a fan of gadgets and gizmos and like to keep up with the latest products this is a must have app.

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CraigsMobileList Searches Craigslist with Style

CraigsMobileList by Mobile Simplicity lets you search craigslist with ease. If you haven’t heard of, then go check it out. It’s a great resource for finding & selling just about anything.

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Spawn Illuminati is Artsy Entertainment Using Color and Visual Effects

Buy Spawn Illuminati HD (Art, Fireworks and Light-Show) on the App StoreSpawn Illuminati by Elements of Design is an iPhone and iPod touch beauty. Even though Spawn Illuminati serves no other purpose than entertainment it still creates some rich effects that can be controlled and altered with your fingers.

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Tap Tap Dance Adds to the Tap Tap Collection

Buy Tap Tap Dance on the App StoreTap Tap Dance is a new release from Tapulous and is packed with new songs and gameplay features. If your interested in finding out about Tap Tap Dance’s basic gameplay check out my review on Tap Tap Revenge, as many of the basics have remained the same in this release.

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Defend the Pearly Gates in TapDefense

Buy TapDefense on the App StoreGet ready to spend some time playing TapDefense by TapJoy because it’s extremely addicting. Your goal is simple, don’t allow the demons, firecats, locust and other evils into heaven.

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Storyz - An Innovative Social Network For Sharing Topical Ideas

Storyz is a new social networking service that allows the user to create new or add to existing topics. Storyz is somewhat of a combination of twitter and an online forum. The iPhone and iPod touch app allows you to make updates on the fly, similar to apps like Twitterific and Tumble.

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Tap Tap Revenge - Guitar Hero at Your Finger Tips

Buy Tap Tap Revenge 3 on the App StoreIf you've played any of the Guitar Hero games, then you will be no stranger to the gameplay of Tap Tap Revenge by Tapulous. Even though it’s not as interactive as Guitar Hero it's very entertaining and the weekly downloadable songs keep the app fresh.

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Darts Game for iPhone Almost a Bulls-eye

Buy Darts on the App StoreDarts by Brian Hammond doesn’t quite hit the bulls-eye, but is still an entertaining free game for the iPhone or iPod touch. There are a lot of very nice aspects in Darts gameplay. It's just a few missing features that keep it from perfection.

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