Autumn: Bask in the Beauty of Falling Leaves and Interact with Nature from Your Touchscreen

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Developer: Benjamin Riegler
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Autumn iPhone app - leaves blowing screenshotWhen autumn winds stir, one of my favorite daydreams is to imagine the swirling leaves and the gentle swish of dry leaves brushing against pavement. Living in Southern California, these are mostly daydreams because our weather doesn't have the gradual shifts seen in other states.

Autumn, a new app for iPhone and iPod touch from nodeflexion, is bringing the changing seasons to a mobile device near you.

Much like Koi Pond, Autumn is an interactive app that uses the touch screen to affect the environment. Flick and swipe to swirl the leaves as they fall down the screen. If you do nothing the leaves will simply continue gracefully to the bottom of the screen. Some might not see the point, but it's very much like meditation. And for those that enjoy seeing the leaves change color, Autumn the iPhone app is a cozy companion for Autumn the season.

For a seasonal app, Autumn is surprisingly well done. Access the app's settings by double-tapping the screen. Then, you can choose options for number of falling leaves as well as size and how many fall at a time. You can also choose from several built-in autumn scenes or choose your own photo to use as a background.

There is also a lite version of Autumn for free, but the paid version is just $0.99 and includes enough extra features that we consider it worth paying for.

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