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James Cameron's Avatar
Developer: Gameloft
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avatar-iPhoneEven if you were not a fan of the movie, James Cameron's Avatar is an outstanding game that takes advantage of the strengths of the iPhone/iPod touch platform or the iPad platform in a separate app.

The virtual joypad control was among the best I have used. Gameloft is to be commended for really taking the time to develop the software properly, as so many of the virtual controls, especially the joypads, can be atrocious with iPhone gaming.

Avatar takes place before the events portrayed in the film. Your character is one of the evil humans destroying a natural habitat of peace-loving natives.

As an Avatar, your character now has beyond-human abilities to leap, jump, and tangle with the creatures that seek out destruction. The game begins with a tutorial to help transition the user into the Avatar environment, with training in running and leaping through an obstacle course. The difficulty feels just right given that it has been difficult in the past with some games to jump to just the right location with the infamous virtual joypad (Assassin's Creed is an example of a game that can freeze the user with finger-bending moves).

Avatar then grows in difficulty as a whole new array of creatures and weapons come your way. Early in the game you lose the beloved machine gun, but there are some pretty cool spears and hand-to-hand weapons that make it quite fun. Throughout Avatar for iPhone there is additional equipment that upgrades your defensive ability special weapons for taking out several enemies at once, such as the "Spirit of Eywa."

There are the occasional pauses in the action to fit in the dramatic interludes for storytelling purposes, but fortunately they can be skipped. The vast majority of the time playing Avatar is spent gaming, which is definitely a good thing.

Gameloft adds Avatar as another in its line of games that have developed a strong following and reputation for quality. James Cameron's Avatar is another great example of the continued maturing of the iPhone gaming platform with its solid game play and great graphics.

The Avatar app is also available for iPad. James Cameron's Avatar for iPad brings the world of Pandora to life in HD with "optimized controls for the iPad" that allow users to rearrange the interface on screen to customize their preferred gaming experience.

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