Aye Tides Launches Overpriced Tide App


Based on the desktop mac application "Mr Tides", Aye Tides is a new app for iPhone that gives you tide measurements for 7000 tide stations worldwide. The app works, but given its steep price tag ($14.99), we can't find any reason to recommend it over the free (but somewhat buggy) "Tides" app.

Quite frankly, i was expecting more fancy graphics from this app. I doubt the company will get many takers at this price point.

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  • Collin

    The advantage of Aye Tides is more apparent when used in the real world, on the water. The tide/current database is stored on the iPhone, so you're not dependent on a serviceable cell signal to get crucial tide/current info. Signal strength is still a real problem in many coastal areas. And because the data is onboard, you can use it to plan the safest, fastest routes through waters you will be encountering hours/days into the future. The location based tide programs just offer a snap shot of what is going on here and now. $15 seemed a small price to pay for these safety advantages.

  • rich

    Also, this app. has currents (stations in italics). Price is now $10. I just bought it and it is truly better than TideGraph ($2.00) or free Tides apps.

  • mark

    I searched in the entire date base on Iphone. I read all the reviews for all applications. This one appeared the best value, with no complaints. I used it several time. I think it does what it says. It could have more bells for the price, however it does what it says.

  • marty

    Not particularly satisfying from a cost-benefit point of view, but two features prompted me to buy. One, already alluded to, is the independence from a wireless signal . Second, it is very useful when integrated with iNavX (truly a great spot check on more dedicated navigation methods or devices).

  • apad

    On the water Aye Tides servers all needs superlatively.
    I don't need any additional functionality or graphics.

  • Karen Eastman

    I was really excited about this app. because I love to go shell collecting. I thought it was 99 cents but it was 9.99. The first time it updated it will no longer work. I am very disappointed and don't know who to talk to about getting it to work again.