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Babelingo Translated Phrases - 11 Languages (AppStore Link)
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Babelingo Translated Phrases - 11 Languages
Developer: Alta Vida LLC
Price: $1.99 Download on the App Store

babelingo iphoneBabelingo is an on-the-spot translator by Alta Vida LLC featuring 300 words and phrases in 11 different languages right on your iPhone or iPod Touch.

There are a few ways to navigate the Babelingo library: categorically, by favorites, or by searching. From the opening page, also known as the Babelingo section in the bottom tool bar, you can choose from seven different categories: Conversation, Time, Getting Around, Money, Eating Out, Medical, and Lodging. Each category has about thirty words or phrases and some even feature a few sub-categories with additional words and phrases. For example under Eating Out, you will find sub-categories of Drinks, Food, and Utensils.

Now, you may not be able to carry on a full, in-depth conversation with the phrases provided in each section, for example, the Food sub-category only has 22 entries — seven of which are devoted to different ways of preparing steak and eggs — but even so you will be able to get around with what is given. Also available on the bottom tool bar are a Favorites section for quick reference of frequently used terms and a Search section that will match phrase and word entries based on what you type.

Babelingo also allows you to swap back and forth between the two languages being translated; there is an option on the bottom tool bar with a circular set of arrows. And to allow for easier translation, there is also an option in the upper right corner of every word or phrase display screen that is in the other language. This way the person or people you are talking to can hit it and search Babelingo for a response in their own language. For example, if you speak English and you are translating to Spanish, with every word or phrase displayed in Spanish there will be an option in the above right corner that says "Responder en Espanol." This makes it so that when you are in a hurry you can just show the person the screen without worrying about pronunciation and the person you show it too will then be able to find the appropriate response without having to know your language.

What Babelingo lacks in depth it makes up for in breadth and versaltility; it may not be able to teach you any one language, but it will be able to help you manage your way through a great many. With 11 different languages, Babelingo is great for the true globe trotter or any one who often finds themselves going on frequent business trips to various countries.

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