Baccarat Pro - The Personal Casino Trainer

This app is not currently available in the App Store.

baccarat pro iphone appWith Baccarat Pro Avalinx Llc., developer of the awesome 21 Pro game, delivers another great card game to the iPhone. Using the same user-friendly interface as 21 Pro, Baccarat Pro provides everything you need to understand and learn the game of baccarat and thereby offers great fun for beginners and advanced players alike.

Many different sections provide the player with a lot of very useful information. The history section gives in-depth information on baccarat's roots and developments. Under rules and terminology everything you need to know about the gameplay is explained thoroughly with additional strategy hints. A preferences menu lets you choose different tablecloths, card backs, number of decks etc. Additionally, the "Ask the Dealer" button functions as a personal Baccarat trainer, explaining how a hand was played and who won the hand and why.

With a great interface and a ton of information about the game, Baccarat Pro is a great baccrat app all-around and delivers for beginners as well as for baccarat pros.

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This app is not currently available in the App Store.

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  • TheRealGomez

    This app seams really fun, but I have never played baccarat before. It seems as though this app would teach me enough to get started and figure out the whole premise of the game, right?

  • Anna Axster

    Yes. It definitely provides all the information needed to start out and learn Baccarat.

  • TheRealGomez

    Thanks a bunch...I'll give it a go!