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Developer: x92.net, Inc.
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Backgrounds iPhone appiPhone users love to customize their phone. If you’re looking to change the wallpaper on your phone Backgrounds has you covered.

Backgrounds may have you on sensory overload. There are more than 1000 different background images to choose from. All of which are beautiful high resolution images. If you don’t see anything that fits your fancy, visit the developer’s website and add your own. Backgrounds loads up fairly quickly and gives users three options. Choose between popular backgrounds, recently added backgrounds, or a variety of categories from nature to buildings, patterns and sports. Find one you like and save it directly to your phone.

If you want to check out more than a few at a time you might be frustrated. Backgrounds lets you see just four images at a time. Even more frustrating is the fact that you must tap an arrow key and wait for the next four to load. It would be nice if you could swipe from one set of photos to the next. Make sure that you’re on a WiFi or 3G network when you begin to browse otherwise this will be like an extremely slow process. 

When browsing you can tap a picture for a closer look, but be warned, if you tap out of the pic it takes you back to the beginning of the category. This means that you must tap all the way back through the category if you want to look at another background on one of the previous pages. There is no option to immediately set the image on your screen to wallpaper. Instead you must exit the app, go to your settings, and make the changes.

While the app offers variety it may not offer quite enough. There are a ton of nature, car, and animal images along with a smattering of celebrity and holiday photos. A cool edition to the app would be TV and movie posters, movie scenes, video game posters and album covers too. Users might even pay for the privilege of showing off their favorite band  or a scene from their favorite action flick and gut busting comedy.

Savvy iPhone users already to take a screenshot and get any background they want (see editor's note for instructions). But unlike in this app, there are few galleries that collect this many images specifically designed for iPhone wallpapers.

Background applications are fantastic in as much as you see them when your phone is locked. They won’t truly be amazing until we’re able to see them in the background from the home screen. Backgrounds is currently free in the App Store.

Editor's Note: You can make any image you view on your iPhone or iPod touch a wallpaper. Start by taking a screenshot: press the power button (on the top of your device) and the home button (circle button on front of the device) at the same time; you will see a white flash to indicate the photo has been taken. Now, browse to your photo library and select the image as your new wallpaper.

Image Gallery: Backgrounds

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  • SeanBMW2001

    1000 different options is pretty extensive. Though lack of options would be my complaint about any other background program I've ever encountered. So more power to this iPhone app! I'm in

  • JoshPratt79

    Any bought this app and seen if they got a farm background? Cuz if they did Im there

  • MaxxineStamos

    I loaded this app. The optional backgrounds are amazing