Bailout America: More Fun Than The Actual Economy

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bailout america iphone appReally now, what good is a financial crisis if there's no arcade game about it? Bailout America by Doe Doe Games combines the United States' current economic mess with an old-fashioned Lemmings-style strategy game. Like the new American Idol and NCAA March Madness apps, the Bailout America iPhone game is certainly topical!

When playing Bailout America, the goal is to get the little walking dollars to the fatcat CEO at the end of the level as quickly and efficiently as possible. Of course, between where the cash begins (with Uncle Sam) and CEO Cat, there are a plethora of nuisances and obstacles like schools, hospitals, oil rigs, etc.

The controls for Bailout America are pretty intuitive. You have a few different weapons (of sorts) in order to eliminate obstacles — hammers for things like schools, and buckets of water to toss on things that are on fire (such as the random fires that appear). With Bailout America you simply tap on Uncle Sam's head to choose your weapon, and then bang away on the offending object with that weapon (by which I mean "tap on the object with your finger") until it crumbles or otherwise disappears.

In addition to your weapons, you have a few building blocks of sorts in order to help guide the dollars to CEO Cat. You get a simple bridge (because if your falling cash travels from too great a height, it crumples into a ball and becomes unspendable) and, once you've cleared a level of all obstacles, a segment of vertical wall that you can use to help guide the bills along the most direct route to the end.

For each level in Bailout America (there are ten levels in all) there's a minimum amount of cash that must make it to CEO Cat in the allotted time. It's harder than I expected, but not completely impossible.

All things considered, I found Bailout America good. It's better than the economy and has more replay value than the dollar.

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This app is not currently available in the App Store.

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