Ball in a Cup - pretty much is what it is


Simple name, simple game!

I was walking through the airport a while ago and approached the security scan area.  I took off my shoes and put my keys and laptop into the gray bin.  I proceeded to eat the banana I was carrying and I turned to my right to catch the glimpse of a security guard, who was looking at me and said,  “ Sir, you can’t take that though the checkpoint.”

I paused and looked at the banana and looked back at him with a questioned expression.  Without blinking and with a serious tone he said, “Sir, put the banana in the bin.”  I looked back at him with a mouth half full of banana.  That is the moment we both lost it and the laughter ensued.

I wouldn’t say that “Ball in a Cup” is quite as fun as “banana in bin” but It isn’t too bad. EDITOR'S NOTE: Keep it clean, Joe.

I like the way it uses the iPhone’s motion control to maneuver the ball into position.  The point of the game is simple, just put the ball into the cup.  I find it easier to hold the iPhone on its side I beat the levels pretty quickly but at the end the games tells you this was the test version and the full version is available for purchase.

For some reason I like this game.  I mean, it is simple, but the cup moves around enough to make it slightly challenging to get the ball in.  I beat the 6 levels pretty fast, but then again there is the full version of the game available for purchase.

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