Ballz! Pro Adds Sporty Animations to Twisted Match-3 Puzzle

Ballz! - Pro Version (AppStore Link)
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Ballz! - Pro Version
Developer: Christian Urquhart
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ballz-pro-iphone-appBallz! Pro — If you've played a mobile game in the last 5 years, chances are you've played some variation of the match-3 puzzle popularized by games like Bejeweled. Easy and addicting, match-3 games are a dime a dozen in the App Store. Often, it's the same game with different icons.

Purplezoo Productions has changed the same-old, same-old with their new game Ballz! Pro Version for iPhone and iPod touch. Ballz (the original) was a traditional match-3 with smiley icons.

While loosely based on the original, Ballz Pro is a whole new game all together. Ballz Pro adds extra challenge with locking squares, extra help from the exploding bonus ball, large Ballz, 3 shuffles to extend gameplay when you run out of moves, and a localized and worldwide scoreboard. The whole game is wrapped in a sportier new theme that features animated sports Ballz similar the grimacing blocks in Topple 2.

Ballz! Pro is an interesting next step in the match-three game. The large ball and locking squares create a new level of challenge for anyone getting bored with the genre. It's familiar enough to pick up and play without reading the instructions (my favorite kind of game!), but has enough to new twists to keep things interesting.

According to PurpleZoo multiplayer mode is on the way. I'd also like to see some new themes. The gameplay is fun, but sports isn't really my thing... how about flowers or a nature theme for the next go 'round?

Either way, Ballz! Pro is animated addition for players looking to add some variety and a bit of challenge to their match-three gaming.

Watch the Ballz! Pro video demo from YouTube

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  • freddy

    if you really want a match-3 game with a twist, you should check out "septAmberix" for iPhone/iPod touch...