An App For That: Recording Music on the iPhone


loveLA-based The 88 decided to embark on an experiment in music-making when they chose to use their iPhone to record their new song "Love is the Thing." Using the app FourTrack, the group laid down 14 tracks — everything from guitar and drums to shakers and vocals.

They documented the process for our enjoyment and turned out a pretty good song, too. Video after the jump.

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  • Steve Bostedor

    interesting: "An App For That: Recording Music on the iPhone - iPhone Apps | AppCraver" ( )

  • Andrew Apanov

    An App For That: Recording Music on the iPhone

  • John

    OctoPod is an awesome multi-track recording app for the iPhone, I highly recommend it.

  • Appstrackers

    This is awesome! Thanks for putting it on here. Also, Thanks John for sharing OctoPod. I'm going to check it out.

  • jorgen.xt

    energyXT for iOS does both audio recording and drums/synths (like Cubase/Protools). You can easily arrange your recordings in verse, chorus, intro etc. When you recorded something you are happy with you can export it to your dropbox account in one click, either as mixdown or as one audio file per track.