Bang! Challenging Gameplay Needs More User Feedback

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Bang! Is an old school arcade game that has a lot of explosions and some pretty funky graphics. Bombs fall from the sky at an unstoppable pace and your job is to make sure you blow them right out of the sky. Be sure to get any planes, trains or automobiles that might drop in too.

Bang! may seem like a pretty easy game to play but it becomes increasingly difficult as you play it. A barrage of bombs float all over the screen and your mission is to make sure that you get all of them. If three of them float past you it’s game over.

Go for an airplane and you’ll have to be quick to make up the time. It takes ten taps of an airplane in order to blow it up. It’s nearly impossible to blow an airplane without losing some bombs. This challenge alone is enough to frustrate the average player into trying to beat this game.

Bang! is pretty simple looking. It has standard cartoon graphics that are very reminiscent of 1970’s arcade games and cartoon games. The sounds are okay. The explosions don’t sound as much like explosions as they do fire crackers. The game over music is definitely sad and indicative of loss.

Bang! is a game of speed and skill. What it lacks are levels that give the player a break and allow them to assess how they’ve done. It would be nice to have a simple stat bar that displays the level  you’ve cleared, how many explosions you’ve gotten or how accurate you've been with the targets. This makes the player feel more like a victor than a drone. It also makes you feel like you’re building up towards some big goal.

The challenge isn’t bad for casual gamers, but serious iPhone gamers may be left wanting a little more bang for their bucks.

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This app is not currently available in the App Store.

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  • Michael

    Good review, but one correction: there ARE levels in the game. You have to destroy three bombers to clear a level (called a mission in the game). Complete 9 missions to beat the game. There are also various achievements like not missing any bombers or scoring over 1M points.