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Developer: 正行 Akamatsu
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banner iphoneI haven’t found a practical use for Banner by yet and I’m not sure if I ever will. The ability to create an advertising LED on your iPhone or iPod touch doesn’t really seem like a useful function on such a small personal device.

If you think you have a use for this app and want to try it out, a free version is available here. The paid version is similar in its function but it offers more options to customize the scrolling messages. The added options allow you to create up to 5 messages and display them all at once or individually, adjust the speed from slow to fast, change the LED shapes between 6 different shapes and adjust the color. 

Banner is very simple to use and setup. To access the options simply tap the screen of your iPhone or iPod touch. You can change it to a double tap if you want to avoid accidental exits of your scrolling message. Once in the options the layout resembles your common device settings menus.

Some features that would be nice to see in future updates would be the ability to choose different fonts, create your own LED design, change the text size and add different sign backgrounds. The more features the more time you will spend creating even more personal banners to display.

Even though I cannot find a practical use for Banner it is very well designed. The ability to adjust many options gives its users their $0.99 worth. Looking through the reviews in iTunes it seems that many people are using Banner at clubs or in other loud places where it is hard to hear. It also seems to be a hit with the younger audience. So check out the free version and if you like it you will enjoy the paid version ten fold.

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