BargainBin is a Good Deal for Finding Cheap Apps

This app is not currently available in the App Store.

bargainbin iphone app finderWhen I want to know which apps are worth buying, I typically rely on word of mouth, in addition to AppCraver. BargainBin from Proximi is like a friend who keeps track of discounted apps for me.

Before I started using BargainBin, I thought it would only appeal to coupon clippers and people who read the advertising inserts in the Sunday paper. In fact, it appeals to a much wider audience. Whether you are looking for a deal or window shopping for inspiration, BargainBin will keep you informed of the latest discounts in the App Store.

BargainBin is well-organized and easy to use. You can view apps sorted into the same 20 categories the App Store uses such as popular, news, productivity, games, lifestyle and travel. Within each category you can choose to view all the apps on sale, the bargain apps (at least 50% off) or just the free apps. If you touch an app one time, it takes you to the App Store. Touch and hold an app and you can look at screenshots, read a description or email the app info to a friend, all without opening the App Store. Scroll carefully: I kept accidentally tapping on iPhone apps and ending up at the App Store prematurely. I would prefer it if one tap took the user to the screenshots and descriptions, and the touch-and-hold feature opened the App Store.

BargainBin might have some overlap with the App Store which lists popular free apps, but BargainBin shows you all apps on sale. BargainBin is a useful idea for someone who tends to spend a lot of money on apps and wants to keep their purchases affordable. AppSniper is another option for seeking out apps on sale, and has the additional ability of notifying you when the price drops on an app that you want. BargainBin would be more appealing if it added this feature.

The best part about BargainBin is that it is truly a bargain — it’s free. You can start saving money without spending a thing.

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This app is not currently available in the App Store.

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  • Josef Roesler

    It almost never accurately reports free apps like it is supposed to. It is constantly telling me apps are free when they are NOT.

  • Michele Browning

    WOW, thats wierd, I have never had a problem with BargainBin. I use it pretty often too see what is free. Works perfect in my opinion!

  • Josef Roesler

    That's why it would be nice to be able to contact the author, cause mine is NOT perfect. Never seen a piece of software before that the author didn't want to be contacted about, but this one hides for some reason.

  • Velocity

    I have lots of not-really-free applications in BargainBin.