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Baseball Superstars® Pro
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baseball superstars 2009 iphoneI am not the world’s biggest sports game fan. I have my favorites, like Mario Super Sluggers, but I don’t visit them very often. One of the reasons I don’t care to play them is the complex button pushing, but it wouldn’t really be fair to compare an iPhone app to a console game.

So since there really are no other full-fledged baseball games for iPhone that I could find, I think it’s fair to say Gamevil’s Baseball Superstars Pro is in a league of its own — at least for now.

Baseball Superstars Pro has a few different game modes, but for the purpose of reviewing it, I played it all the way mid-through a second season as a batter in “My League” mode. The game auto advanced me through every 3 games of each 36-game season, which truthfully, I appreciated because I would have become bored with it long before the second season otherwise. Each game is super fast. You are only up to bat every three innings or so, though you can change the auto advancing by customizing options in other modes of play if you really want to play all 36 games in each season.

Aside from the onscreen controls, which are pretty easy to figure out and display similarly to a handheld controller, Baseball Superstars keeps track of stats, gives you the option to upgrade and buy items with money you earn as well as “G points.” Besides “My League” where you create custom players and build up their abilities and stamina over several seasons, there is also a “Season Mode” where you have options of trading players, viewing team and player stats, and earning additional rewards. A feat not easily accomplished when some rewards and mission accomplishments are based on popularity points and team morale. My shameful .209 batting average yielded me a popularity level of only 11 at its best, with 150 being the goal in some missions.

As far as game play, I don’t care how much training my little cartoon kid did, and even after buying a power bat that cost my entire year’s salary, I couldn’t hit a home run to save my life. Every hit into left, right, or center field resulted in the ball bouncing off the back wall. Since I haven’t made it to the third season, I can’t say whether or not that would improve. I did notice hitting got a bit easier mid way through the second season, but I couldn’t tell you why. Perhaps it was me, or perhaps it was the game. Everything you acquire, player stats, and all other data carry over from one season to another.

For what would seem to be a pretty memory intensive game, Baseball Superstars performed solidly and reliably. It does offer up a significant replay value because it encompasses things like earning rewards and challenges, learning special pitches, gaining popularity points, and playing pennant games as you advance through the seasons. The touch screen controls are relatively simple to understand — even pitching, which is more control intensive than batting.

One of my biggest gripes is the tips that scroll across the screen as a game loads. It happens so fast, I have no idea if it’s useful information or not. There is an extremely detailed help section to read through before ever starting the game, so I could assume the scrolling text is just random summaries of the thirty-some-odd page instructions, but I would have appreciated being able to read those tips. I also didn’t like that you had to choose pitcher or batter only. It would be more entertaining to alternate between the two in the same game.

Since Baseball Superstars Pro is the only option for a full baseball game for iPhone and iPod Touch, fans of sports games might appreciate it. As for me, I found it frustrating at times and at others, easy and entertaining enough. I would recommend giving the free version, Baseball Superstars Lite a try before you buy. Though not as comprehensive, it could whet your whistle for a baseball game app and it will definitely give you a good first impression.

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  • Paul O’Connor

    I wanted to love this game but tossed it after just a few minutes' play. Please, no more shovelware. Let me use the touch screen fully to play my games. I hate virtual buttons for control -- let me touch on a base to throw there, let me touch inside the strike zone to aim my pitch. Let me use the iPhone to does what it does best.

  • Beaniiman

    This game is a lot of fun. Its like a Baseball RPG really. I am into probably my 6th season or so and am starting to hit homeruns fairly often. I have 130 in my career. Unlocking super batting takes a lot of time but makes an immediately huge impact. Also note, running speed is pretty huge but i am still not sure when is the best time to start pumping it up.

  • leefs

    this is very much like the nintendo version of baseball that i grew up playing. the controls are simple and easy to use. its not an energy hog, the game will play for as long as you care to play without sucking the battery dry. you can change the settings to ezmode if you want to slow the play down or you can speed it up if you have the reaction time of a well trained ninja, so the game can suit all players.

    i disagree with paul oconnors take and im rolling my eyes at his attiitude. this is the only iphone game that ive ever paid for. the games are easy to save, the different play modes keep it entertaining, theres challenge in the special unlockable items/players that you can unlock, its a really good game, the best sporting game available on the iphone.

  • Paul O’Connor

    Leefs, you can roll your eyes all you want, but I'll still expect more out of my iPhone than an inferior port of a 1990s interface. Maybe I'm missing the game of the century by refusing to mount this game's learning curve, but I'll take that chance.

    You should come over to our Appy Place development blog and set us straight over there ... we aren't doing sports games but we are trying to create 21st century interfaces. You might end up a fan or you might dance on our graves -- either way, you win!

  • marvin

    i love this game! only 1 of 2 apps that i have paid for. in response to the guy who said running speed is huge, let me tell you, i have purchased the Legend Shoes - the fastest shoe you can buy - and i still cannot bunt for a base hit with any consistency, might be able to do it like 20% of the time.

  • Beaniiman

    I can bunt on base about 80% of the time with a 450 speed rating (including shoes) I am at 999 power now though so i hit a home run with every pitch i hit mostly with fire batting.

  • Jeffrey

    I played I believe 15 seasons on My League. After the last season, it told me that I was to become a coach. I got all those gpoints and developed my personal character for what? Someone please help????


    Hello Jeffrey. You should move on to season mode to continue playing with your character, who will now appear once in 9 at bats instead of every at bat you play. Hope this helps.

  • tzand

    Hi guys!
    This game is to my mind the best i've ever played on a cellphone!
    I'd just want to ask you a question...
    What's the difference between the first super batting and the second? just an icone that we don't even have time to see what it's representing???

    Thx to the dev' ^^

  • Jeffrey

    Thanks guys! This is by far the best game for the Touch I have seen. I can't put it down!!!

  • tyler

    What does drive batting do? What are the other options after drive and when is the best time to press that star button?

  • Josef Mengele

    My guy is hella pimped out...
    999 every stat, 1462 popularity, 0.669 Batting average, Best items, Fire batting...I hit around 2 home runs every game, usually more.

  • Thorbjorn

    I played this game. It was kind of borning. 9 Innings I think is a better game. Looks better, too. Baseball Slugger is hands down the best Sports game and the best two player matchup game. Find me on matchup and get clobbered!! Thorbjorn* is my screen name.

  • Chad Butler

    This game is very addictive, and though the reviewer and Paul O'Connor didnt take a liking let me assure you they are the exception. Home runs are definitely possible, just arent an every game occurrence until you improve your player. WIth the My League, Season and two bonus modes there is variety and depth to the game. Very fun and something you can pick up and play for 5 mins or and hour..highly recommended

  • aa

    i have a picher and batter 999 everything and all iteams the pither they both have everything max

  • Tom

    I enjoy this game immensely, but I do have criticisms: I wish I could
    manage my lineup in Season Mode besides pinch-hitting; I have NO success
    trading, which is frustrating; pitcher ERA isn't correctly figured -- especially
    for relievers. If I could set my own lineup and make trades, this
    would be a blast. As is, it's terrific and addictive.

  • http://basedsuperstars2009 Shaun woodruff

    Baseball superstaris 2009 is awoke as hell I'm a quad a Nan how can`t move from the neck down.and I love playing

  • Ryan

    How do I put my hidden batter in the game?