Battery Boost Magic App is an Essential iPhone Maintenance Utility

Battery Life Magic Pro: The Battery Saver (AppStore Link)
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Battery Life Magic Pro: The Battery Saver
Developer: Adi Shaviv
Price: $0.99 Download on the App Store

battery-screen-proDo you need Battery Boost Magic?

Stop reading this review if:

  • you don't care how much time you have left to talk on your iPhone, play videos or audios, or surf the Web;
  • you really don't mind if your iPhone or iPad battery doesn't get fully charged;
  • a smudgy screen doesn't bother you much; and
  • you don't think there's a point to preserving your battery life.

Still reading? Then you are among the 99% of iPhone and iPad users comprising Battery Boost Magic App's target market. That is to say, those users that prefer to know how much juice is left, like being able to see their screens, and don't want to trundle down to the local Apple store to replace a battery before its time.

But what subset of that target market wants those things enough to pay for it? Heavy Duty Apps seems bound and determined to find out. They've maximized the functionality of this unassuming and basic little app and made sure it's worth every penny.

Battery Boost Magic captures the best "real-world" tips for you right in the app—those things any user can do to extend battery life and care properly for an iPhone touchscreen. But that's just the opening act. This app goes further, implementing solutions inside your iPhone or iPad—you know, for issues that aren't "operator errors."

For example, sometimes your device runs for longer than other times on the same "100%" charge. That's because charging is an approximate process. Battery & Screen Pro makes it a precise science, employing a three-step charging process with verification at every step. Use the "Charge Pro" feature, and 100% will really be 100% every time.

Or consider that little battery meter at the top right corner of your screen. Does that really tell you whether you can browse the Web all through lunch and still patch into the 2 p.m. conference call? Well, Battery Boost Magic's "Battery Performance" feature does, down to the minute. It tells you how time your battery can supply for 3G talk, 2G talk, Web browsing over 3G or wifi, audio playback, or video playback.

The "Screen Pro" feature isn't a bad little diagnostic add-on, providing color tests to help identify the spots you've missed after screen maintenance.

And of course, there are the tips. Read through them and become a common-sense guru of extended battery and touchscreen life.

Or, don't. Take your chances. After all, do you really need this much information about maintaining your iDevice's battery or a touchscreen?

If you're the kind of person that makes an appointment when it's time for an oil change, then definitely buy this app. If you're the guy that drives for three blocks before you notice the parking brake is on, well, then Battery Boost Magic probably can't help you. Unless of course, you hope to use your iPhone when it's time to call a tow truck.

(* Editor's Note: this review was originally written for Battery & Screen Pro. The developers have since changed the app's name to Battery Boost Magic App.)

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  • iPad fans

    iPad news: Battery & Screen Pro is an Essential iPhone Maintenance Utility - AppCraver

  • WeLoveIphone4

    Battery & Screen Pro is an Essential iPhone Maintenance Utility: It tells you how time your battery can supply for...

  • Jay

    Love this app. read this review & then went to the appstore & saw that this app also gives a phone charge booster (not empahsized enough in the review IMHO).

    Tried it. love it. Does what it says & more, and also looks great.

    @appcraver - good review, its thanks to you that I learned about this new app.

  • Bill

    App does not seem to be available anymore for some reason?

  • Donnie

    Great app. Simple & to the point and a great enhancement. I'm typically not the type that writes reviews, but this is definitely a great one. Worth every one of the 99 pennies :-)

  • Bill

    Ignore my previous comment. It now seems to be available. Just spent my $0.99 on it.

  • Cheska

    This is very helpful. I, myself, am guilty of not being aware of how much time my device can support if i do a certain task. This app is really of big help so i don't have to worry about my device not being able to have enough time anymore in doing a certain task, especially energy-heavy ones.

    I do suggest that those who are in-charge continue to promote this more heavily so that more people will know about this.

  • Carl

    This is probably one of those apps that is on its way to be a an App Store smash-hit. I never write reviews, but this one really caught me. Their battery power booster is definitely their strongest feature - and exactly what I needed, more battery power. Aside from that - its got a nice package of features that I really like.

    I guess this is going to be an appstore hit, and I just hope that the makers don't let it go to their heads, and keep the price at 0.99 (they have "Introduction Price" stated in the app store)

  • HeavyDutyApps

    Hello everyone and thanks for the great comments. We really appreciate the kind words.

    for anyone that has any questions - please feel free to ask the question right here on appcraver or if you want just contact us directly via We'll be glad to answer any questions, or to give tips & tricks on proper battery charging & screen maintenance.


  • HeavyDutyApps

    p.s. - we are the makers of Battery & Screen Pro :-)

  • Tony

    I downloaded it for my Ipod Touch 4G. The "STATUS" screen only tells me the percentage of battery left overall. Audio Playback time is blank with the rest of them. Is there a fix for this?Anyone have any suggestions? I bought it for this reason. It is useless right now. Thanks

  • HeavyDutyApps

    hi Tony,

    Yes, this happened because we released the app right before the new iPod was revealed. however, we already fixed this and submitted to apple the new version (3.1) I hope it will be available on the appstore in about a week or so (it depends how long it takes them to approve it - usually its about a week +/-)

    one last thing: keep an eye on us, new apps will be coming out about once a month and we'd like to send you a promocode so you can get one of them for free. When you see one of our apps that you like, just shoot us a mail into support (at) heavydutyapps (dot) com (just our way of saying thanks)

  • Tony

    Thank you for your quick response and I appreciate the help.

  • Soop

    Does this app identify which of your apps are using the most power? I've done something that has caused a dramatic change in battery life. Something must be running, updating, etc. which is causing this. I am hoping this is an app to monitor which other apps are the culprit.



  • HeavyDutyApps

    hi Soop,

    First off - go grab a copy as soon as you read this, because it is free on Sep 30 & Oct 1. After that - it goes back to paid.

    Secondly, the apple API does not allow you to monitor which exact apps are draining the battery, but we did include a great set of tips that will very likely help you find the culprit.

    Grab the app (its free now while I am typing :-), read the tips, and it will help you get sorted out.


  • Soop

    Thanks for the info and the heads up on the download!

  • aimealiem

    app is cool.

  • Jes@ Computer Repair Ventura

    Seems like a great app. I don't have an iPhone, however most of my friends do and I'm sure they'd love this information. I'm sending your link to them as I speak. Hopefully it helps in reducing how much they complain about their battery life.

  • Lisa

    What is this app supposed to do? I notice nothing different when it comes to battery life and the free version has all the same junk on it except for the screen check which is stupid, anyway. Just clean your screen if its dirty, for crying out loud. Waste of a buck.

  • Lisa

    Sorry I turned out to be on the the imbiciles. Read RPSS's review before you buy.