Battle of Puppets Puts Castle Defense in the Limelight

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Battle of Puppets
Developer: Small Wonders S.L.
Price: $0.99 Download on the App Store

battle-of-puppets iphone appBattle of Puppets, from Small Wonders, is a quirky little 2-D castle defense strategy game that puts you in the role of a puppeteer starring in well-known operas such as  Aida, Carmen, Madama Butterfly and Salome.

As you would expect for this genre, Battle of Puppets pits one castle against the other, each on opposite sides of the battlefield. You manage units, while balancing their relative strengths and weaknesses against those of your opponent.  In short, it’s a classic, castle-versus-castle, real-time strategy game.

Your objective is to travel across the United States, while defeating other puppeteers, and make it to Broadway. As the campaigns progress, players can unlock up to six professions – ranging from Ninjas to Vikings – as well as learn to repair their troops, and cast spells over the enemy.

Puppets have unique attributes: The low-cost units are fast and can be created quickly. The high-cost units are more powerful and take more time to build. Choose the right combination of strengths and weakness, and you’ll automatically move your army of puppets across each stage and storm the enemy’s castle. While you're at it, you’ll also have to contend with the weather, which can either hinder your progress or offer substantial rewards when you’re successful. To help you get along, you can cast spells over your foes by swiping the screen to form gestures.

BoP has three player profiles and three game modes: Battleground, Survival and Fast Battleground. There are also three difficulty levels and a training mode.

In addition to its charming, opera-themed back story, Battle of Puppets features nicely rendered and vibrant graphics and a catchy soundtrack.

One drawback: There are only 22 unique locations, which means you’ll blow through this game pretty fast. Other than that, this is one heck of a game, especially given that Battle of Puppets is bargain-priced at $0.99.

Small Wonders has been keeping Battle of Puppets up to date with new features. Most recently, it added leaderboards and achievements based on the popular OpenFeint social gaming platform.

Battle of Puppets Gameplay Demo

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