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Bebot - Robot Synth
Developer: Russell Black
Price: $1.99 Download on the App Store

bebot iphone synthesizerThe App Store is flooded with a number of inexpensive apps that serve a very specific purpose. A prime example is Bebot, a "Robot Voice Synthesizer." I have to say, I did not have very high expectations for Bebot, mostly because I didn't see the utility of the app. However, I quickly realized that somewhere, at some point in time, everyone needs a robot voice synthesizer. At that specific time, Bebot will be there.

I'll admit I don't have much experience with voice synthesizers, but from a software point of view, it's great. Stable, responsive and wrapped in a great little shell, Bebot is a little robot that lives on your screen. When you move your fingers across the screen, you change the parameters of the sound, much like a Kaoss Pad. The sound is of high quality and can be customized through settings which control timbre, echo timing, echo volume and repeat rate.

Most synth app developpers would have considered their app complete once it was stable enough to release. But Russell Black, creator of Bebot, chose to enlist a graphic designer by the name of Lily McDonnell to take this little app one step further. They animated the little guy and his environment, making Bebot one of the nicest looking synth apps I've seen in a while. It's available on iTunes now for only $1.99.

Editor's Note: We recently heard from Bebot's developer who said that he plans to release an update to this cute little robot synth within the week. The Bebot update will add more synth modes for additional sound options.

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  • nickkeenan

    Playing with the cutest little iPhone theremin there ever was:

  • Phillip

    Creating art/music is the antithesis of utility. Where is the utility in a fine painting or orchestra concert? Yet we value these objects, or at least we should, more than a generator, or dump truck....