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Bed Bugs
Developer: Igloo Games
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Bed Bugs iPhone appSleeping should be a peaceful activity, but for the little guy in Bed Bugs, it can get pretty intense.  Igloo Games, the makers of Dizzy Bee, has developed another winner with this casual iPhone game.

When playing Bed Bugs, your goal is to use multi-touch to eliminate the floating bad guys so the sleepwalker does not wake up as he snores and travels various landscapes.  If you are not quick enough, the sleepwalker will awake with a start and the game will be over.

I had two recurring thoughts when I played the first few levels of Bed Bugs.  The first was that Bed Bugs seemed too easy.  The second was that it needed instructions. Now that I am playing Level 9, or should I say, kind of stuck on Level 9, I have changed my mind on both of these judgments.

Part of the fun of Bed Bugs is that when new enemies appear on each level, you have to figure out what it takes to squash them.  For example, the happy-looking fairies do not disappear until you have gotten rid of the other bad guys, and if you accidentally tap a fairy, she disturbs the sleepwalker's slumber.  Level 9 of Bed Bugs introduces a grey character that you have to blow up by holding your finger down on him for a few seconds.  Each of the new bad guys joins previous bad guys, not replacing them, so Bed Bugs gets pretty hectic as you play on, making you wish you had more fingers.

My only complaint is that if you have to re-do a level on Bed Bugs, the setup is exactly the same each time.  The same baddies come in the same patterns at the same rate.  In the long run, I do not imagine that I will want to continue to play Bed Bugs after I have finished the 28 levels.

Overall, Bed Bugs makes nightmares fun and gets your fingers flying.  It's easy enough at the lower levels for kids, and hard enough on higher levels to keep you challenged as the game gets faster and more complicated.  And Bed Bugs is darn cute, too.  Give this game a try, especially if you liked Dizzy Bee.

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