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BeejiveIM with Push
Developer: Beejive, Inc.
Price: $4.99 Download on the App Store

beejive iphoneThere's been a lot of buzz about Beejive's BeeJiveIM lately. That's easy to understand because BeeJiveIM with Push is a very capable IM app. It puts everything IM-ish under one roof, which other IM apps don't do quite as well. But geez Louise, is it really worth the premium price? Well, that depends on just how much you use IM when you're on the go.

BeejiveIM with Push supports AIM/iChat/MobileMe, MSN/Windows Live, Yahoo!, MySpace, GoogleTalk, ICQ and Jabber, allowing users to access all of their IM clients from one user-friendly interface.

Beejive enables you to manage buddy lists, turn on status messages, real-time chats, push email, click to call, be connected after you close the app, send email directly from the chat screen and send and receive voice clips and images. You have portrait and landscape modes to work with too. However, other IM apps do many of the same things.

One feature I believe is unique is BeeJive's ability to automatically restart following dropped phone calls or the loss of cell coverage. I also like the idea that my usernames and passwords are stored on my iPhone and not on Beejive's servers, even though I seldom share state secrets with my chat buddies.

Is BeeJiveIM able to justify its considerably higher price compared to free IM clients such as Pinger, Fring, NimBuzz and Palringo? All these apps, including BeeJive, have IM as a primary function. What's the value-add?

Some of these apps do things that BeeJive doesn't such as support Facebook and Twitter. They also feature the ability to make calls via VoIP, group chats, location services and other necessities.

Don't get me wrong: None of these other apps are perfect or more capable than BeeJive. Some are ad-supported, some put your usernames and passwords on their servers and at least one I've used has a penchant for crashing.

If you use IM all the time when you're on the go and that's what you care about most, then BeejiveIM with Push probably is worth the price. Of all the IM apps, it does that single thing better than any other app. However, if you use IM less often, give the others a try. Sure, they have warts, but they're free and some come with a few useful features that BeeJive lacks.

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  • 8lias

    If BeeJive supports Facebook, picture, voice (useful when driving), themes (dark themes for chatting in the theater, don't blame me). Then I would justify the $16 price tag. As of now Palringo and Nimbuzz are my best friends for chatting on the go.

  • http://n/a johnny rambo

    Hey, can the reviewer or somebody please explain exactly how the new sending of photo and voice clip features work? are these files uploaded to an external server and sent thru IM as download links or are the photos viewable right in the app chat window as a direct transfer? Also are the photo and voice clips savable? What if a friend sent a voice note, am I able to email it to someone else? or grab the photo and IM it to another buddy?

    How does the staying connected while exiting the app feature work? if you do not set-up their email push, are new unread IM's still loaded into the app upon return?

  • Michael Alexander

    Try BeeJive's Web site and support pages for additional info:

    If you still can't find what you're looking for, let me know.

  • AJ

    I found that this is a pretty good app. If you use IM a lot, I would definitely say it's worth the money. I would like it better if it would support Facebook chat like it does for myspace..however hardly anyone I know uses myspace consistently anymore.

    To answer the above questions..the picture and sound are saved on beejive's servers and sent to other user as a clickable link. I'm not sure how LONG it stays on the server (hours, days?). Since it is a clickable link, you can simply email the link to whoever you want.

    You can set it up to keep you logged in after you exit for either a few minutes or as long as 24 hours after you exit (I use iphone version of this, so comes in handy since there is no background programs allowed). You can also set it to automatically show you as away when you exit if you choose with custom away message. It will still save your chats for the next time you log in even if you don't use the push email/push to text message feature.

  • Will F.

    I have setting set to "keep me connected" for 24 hours after you exit, and I still do not receive messages while the actual beejive IM window isn't open

    Unless this gets fixed or someone can show me what happend, I feel like I absolutely wasted $16

  • joseph

    hi guys..

    im having some problems with my Beejive... everytime i log in it goes directly to youtube but first this PC LOADER LETTER thing pops up and when touched it goes to youtube and plays the office... any help would be greatly appreciated...


  • jed

    hey joseph im actually having the same issue, tried reinstalling it even used the older version but is still doing the same. just happened and i dont know what caused it, problem is my you tube isnt even working. so people who the the fix please do inform us. thanks

  • joseph

    still no resolution for my problem?

  • keeks

    im not sure if its possible yet or not... but is it or will it be possible to run the beejive msn and pc msn at the same time??? i.e stay logged in on both and receive msgs from both?? hopefully someone understands what i

    i just want to be able to log in to beejive msn on my iphone 3g and also on my laptop but have any incoming msgs delivered to both.....

  • yodz

    Nimbuzz is way better than beejive or any IMs for mobile...Can access nimbuzz through wifi and 3g and its free... Try it....