Best Books and Apps for Reading on iOS

Transporting your library is simple as can be thanks to smartphones and tablets like the iPad. Forget hardcover books—weighing in at a massive two to four pounds—a digital library can literally hold tons of reading material! Bringing reading and reference materials with you in your daily life will allow you to get information when you need it and entertain yourself when you're between tasks.

The sheer volume of content that our electronic readers offer us, requires the best reading apps to manage your library on the go. The top apps in the books category have automatic organization to make ordering your book collection a snap and search options so you can quickly find any book on your iPhone or iPad.

We here at AppCraver can help you get the most out of your e-library. Check out our Editor's Picks for the top iOS reader applications. From condensed versions of physical books to apps that track your reading habits and notify you about local independent bookstores, the best reading apps will transform your iOS device into a center for knowledge and entertainment. Check out our recommendations then get to work updating your online library. AppCraver is your center for the top-rated reading apps for iPhone and iPad.

Best Reading Apps and Top-Rated Books for iPhone and iPad

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