Best Apps for Education

Think back to third grade. You're learning geography by looking at a flat, multicolored map on the wall, tracing the outlines of continents and countries. Now imagine the map coming alive, zooming in over the terrain and displaying a clear picture of the towns and cities below. This is what it's like to learn with an iOS device and the best education apps! Educational iPad and iPhone apps bring this magic into the classroom—or the living room—by animating the night sky with living constellations, reading the works of Shakespeare, and translating foreign languages.

Below is AppCraver's list of the best iOS education apps available today! These apps will keep your brain in shape with lessons on a variety of subjects. Your iPhone or iPad can become a portable classroom and laboratory. Whether you're a student looking to study, a parent looking to motivate their child into studying, or a teacher looking for a fun and engaging group activity, check out editor's selections of the top apps for education. You'll find useful applications that put the spark back into learning and bring dry academic subjects to life in a whole new way.

In order to be known as one of the Best Education Apps for iPhone, iPod touch and iPad—and receive the coveted "Editor's Pick" title—an app must score 8/10 or better in our review process. The apps listed here are the top-rated apps in their genre, the very Best Education Apps for iPhone, iPod and iPad devices.

The Best Education Apps for iPhone, iPod touch and iPad

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