Best Health and Fitness Apps

Keeping your body in good condition seems like it's more and more of a struggle every day! Between our sedentary lifestyle, environmental hazards such as poor air quality, and the ever-present threat of delicious high-calorie food, staying healthy and in shape can start to feel like a full time job. Don't forget, though, that the payoff for staying in shape is a healthy body and mind, so don't take your health for granted. Rather than surrendering the calorie war to the forces of sloth and high fructose corn syrup, take a step back and assess how you can help yourself live a healthier life!

We here at AppCraver think that the best solution to high-calorie woes lies in your iPhone. Check out our Editor's Picks for health-minded apps to help you count calories, track your weight, and much more besides. You organize your business and personal life, so let's get started organizing your diet and nutrition! Those of you with specific health needs, never fear: Our list of healthy apps has you covered. Your body will thank you, and you'll thank your iPhone and AppCraver.

In order to be known as one of the Best Health and Fitness Apps for iPhone, iPod touch and iPad—and receive the coveted "Editor's Pick" title—an app must score 8/10 or better in our review process. The apps listed below are leaders in their field, the very Best Health and Fitness Apps for iPhone, iPod and iPad devices.

The Best Health and Fitness Apps for iPhone, iPod touch and iPad

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