Best Utilities

Imagine the best utility you can think of — a Swiss Army knife. Red, shiny, packed with useful gizmos, and best of all, convenient and portable. Remove "red" from that description and you've got the digital equivalent: the modern smartphone. Download a few good utilities and your iPhone or iPad is a veritable Swiss Army knife of the computer age. From WiFi analyzers to ringtone designers, if you have a need, we can pretty much guarantee that there's an app for that. Keeping your life efficient and hassle-free means wringing every last drop of usefulness from your phone. Here's how to start.

Our Editor's Picks were culled from the enormous variety of utility apps on the App Store. AppCraver has picked out the key programs that you just can't live without. If you have productivity woes, never fear, these apps can help you remote in to your home PC. If you're trying to sort your tangled mess of contacts, we can help you automate the process! Most importantly, if you're never able to wake up on time, don't worry, we have you covered there too. Now if there was only an app that would brew some coffee to ease the process! Next time, perhaps.

In order to be known as one of the Best Utilities for iPhone, iPod touch and iPad—and receive the coveted "Editor's Pick" title—an app must score 8/10 or better in our review process. The apps listed here are the top-rated apps in their genre, the very Best Utilities for iPhone, iPod and iPad devices.

The Best Utilities for iPhone, iPod touch and iPad

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