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Bet Agenda for iOSWhile the expression “There’s an app for that” has moved from advertising slogan to cliche, and wound up a punchline, sometimes there just isn’t a better way to capture the sense of novelty that comes along with the discovery that there’s yet another thing that crazy iPhone can do. This time, there’s an app that can manage that seedy double life of yours, betting on the outcomes of sporting events. Regardless of your local gambling laws, Bet Agenda aims to be the only app a bettor needs.

It should be noted that Bet Agenda doesn’t actually place any bets, and it doesn’t even connect to the Internet, so there’s no chance that this app is itself illegal. If this app really speaks to your needs, however, there’s a good chance it will gradually collect boat loads of incriminating information. You might consider password-locking your iPhone.

Bet Agenda will be up and running after three simple steps. First, enter the names (or aliases) of your bookies, along with your balance for each one. Next, enter your bets, or “pick” details. This second step involves choosing the date, the bookie, how much is at stake, and even the odds for more complex bets. You also get to choose a cute little icon to represent the sport. Finally, after the game is over, settle the bet. After you enter the outcome, Bet Agenda will reflect the necessary changes in your bankroll.

While all this is plenty useful, Bet Agenda really shines after you’ve settled a fair number of bets. Once you’ve got a sufficiently complex history, click on over to the “Performance” section for a breakdown of total winnings, percentage of bets won, total amount staked, and more. The Performance section is complete with a colorful graph, too. Maybe, after a fair amount of gambling, this section of Bet Agenda will tell you if sports betting is really the most financially responsible way to spend your time.

Bet Agenda is a functional app, and it looks nice enough, but it isn’t clear that the feature set justifies the somewhat-steep-for-an-app price. For five dollars, I’d expect a betting app that can automatically settle the outcomes of bets by referencing online sports news, or an app that can display the odds of various high-profile games, as determined by experts in Las Vegas-- that sort of thing.

All the same, Bet Agenda does what it promises; it will keep your betting life in order, and make everything secure and easy to find. For this reason alone, it’s clear this app will find a dedicated fan base among tech geeks with a taste for sports betting. Bet Agenda is recommended for experienced gamblers who are moderate and of course mindful of local laws.

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This app is not currently available in the App Store.

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