Beta Version of BdCraigzList Shows a Promising App


By the looks of a video, which Alan Cook of Vancouver-based Bad Dog Apps has recently sent us, the beta version of his new app BdCraigzList  seems to provide a solid Craigslist tool on the iPhone platform. After releasing such apps as BdTranslator and BdPricer, BdCraigzList will be the third app store release for Bad Dog Apps. In an Appcraver interview last month, Alan Cook could not talk about this new app yet but now that the beta seems to be pretty solid he gave us a sneak peek.

BdCraigzList seems to be very easy to use and the Craigslist web platform is applied to the iPhone in a sensible manner.  Each of the different search categories has individual filters, allowing the user to narrow the search results. Once the results come up and one ad is selected, several options are offered: the user can choose to look at pictures and more information, look at the original web listing, add the ad to favorites, or email either the seller or someone else. In favorites there are further options to add photos and notes and to check or fill in information about the seller, including phone number, email and address. With an integrated map function BdCraigzList lets you search for the address of the listing (in either map, satellite, hybrid or terrain view) as well as your own current location. It is not clear if the final app will also provide directions in this map function - something that would be very useful.

Since the navigation and use of Craigslist through Safari can be tedious on the iPhone, BdCraigzlist looks like a promising solution. And since most listings on Craigslist will cause you to make calls, send emails and travel to a new location, the iPhone seems like the perfect platform for a comprehensive application. Since Craigslist on the web is free for anyone looking through listings it will be interesting to see what price tag Bad Dog Apps will put on BdCraigzlist.

Update 10/17/2008 - BdCraigzList is now available on the App Store for $1.99!

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  • Tyler Durden

    This app seems really useful but I'm not sure how many people will actually get this app.