Jasmine Leads the Apps with Better Ways to Watch YouTube on Your iPad

YouTube on the iPad

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The iPad is a device that encourages multimedia consumption. I read more tweets, play more With Friends and watch more videos ... well, at least, until recently. Video on the iPad just isn't the same since iOS 6. With the Apple's native YouTube app gone and Google's YouTube app only optimized for smaller screens, iPad owners have been left to fend for themselves. Dissatisfied with the new normal, I started searching for better apps to watch YouTube on the iPad.

Wandering through the App Store, I found that I'm not alone. With so many iPad owners surprised to find the video app missing from their home screen, there are a lot people searching for a replacement. As long as you're downloading a new app, don't just settle for a YouTube alternative. Get something better! We found some iPad apps that improve the YouTube experience.

Jasmine - YouTube Client (AppStore Link)
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Jasmine - YouTube Client
Developer: Morrissey Exchange Pty Ltd
Price: free Download on the App Store

Jasmine is one of the newest YouTube clients to garner the attention of App Store users. It's leading the pack as a YouTube replacement app for the iPad and has it's fair share of fans already. The app offers two themes (light or dark) for easy viewing in any type of light. It has support for managing playlists, parental controls, filtering comments, curating content and channel discovery. Users can also liberate their favorite videos from the YouTube interface by sharing them through Twitter and Facebook or watching via AirPlay. Download Jasmine for free and upgrade for $1.99 to make a contribution.

iTubeList - YouTube Playlist Finder (music, cartoon, kids videos) (AppStore Link)
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iTubeList - YouTube Playlist Finder (music, cartoon, kids videos)
Developer: Miaoshuang Dong
Price: free Download on the App Store

iTubeList is ideal for those that are looking to watch specific types of videos. Much like music playlists, there are playlists available on YouTube that feature a variety of videos in a select category. For example, users looking for episodes of their favorite television show may be able to find a YouTube playlist that has each and every episode available for watching. This application is also great for parents who would like to let their children watch kid-friendly videos from the iPad. Playlists for kids are added to a screened collection to ensure that they are safe for little eyes.

VideoHunters (AppStore Link)
User Reviews
Developer: The App Company
Price: $0.99 Download on the App Store

VideoHunters has a simple design interface that make browsing and watching videos a unique experience. Like in similar apps, users can favorite, organize and share videos. What sets this application apart are the customization options for Power Users. By taking advantage of themes, iPad users can organize collections of videos around specific categories. It's a very intuitive way to browse YouTube extensive video catalog. Read more about VideoHunters in the review.

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