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The Betty Crocker Cookbook – Kitchen-Tested Recipes (AppStore Link)
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The Betty Crocker Cookbook – Kitchen-Tested Recipes
Developer: General Mills Inc.
Price: free Download on the App Store

Do you feel like chicken tonight? Are you at the grocery store and don’t have a recipe? Well, life just got a little bit easier. The folks over at General Mills introduced The Betty Crocker Mobile Cookbook which make finding recipes for breakfast, lunch and dinner a little bit easier.

Open The Betty Crocker Mobile Cookbook and you’ll notice the search button. Type in a simple name like “chicken” and you’ll get hundreds of recipes that include chicken. Don't know what meat you'd like to use? You can also type in ingredients and get recipes for whatever ingredients you have in the pantry.

The Betty Crocker Mobile Cookbook gives you the full recipe, ingredients and nutritional information just like you'll find in the Betty Crocker Cookbook. Click on a recipe title from the main list and you’re whisked away to a page with a photo of the dish, the ingredients, prep time and serving size. Scroll further down the page for instruction on how to prepare the meal along with nutritional details such as calories, fat, fiber, etc.

There are three buttons at the bottom of the page: surprise me, favorites and email. If you hit the surprise me button you’ll instantly get a random recipe. The favorite’s button is a quick way to access all of your favorite recipes at the touch of a button. And if you see an amazing recipe you’d like to email to a friend or family member just tap on the email button to share your recipe and all of the details. The Betty Crocker Mobile Cookbook app also includes a link to the main site that offers information on serving ideas and how to cook some of the dishes.

The graphics have the crisp red and white color scheme we've come to expect from Betty Crocker. The fonts are easy to read and the pictures are fresh and lively. There is a lot of variety and range in the recipes. You don't need a Wi-Fi connection to view them and you don’t have to register to access anything either. Conspicuously, absent and much desired would be some of the how to videos from the Betty Crocker Web site, especially for the more complicated dishes. Also, searching by ingredients isn’t always the best search as sometimes only one of the ingredients comes up.

Overall, the Betty Crocker Mobile Cookbook is a great cooking application — and it's free!

Image Gallery: The Betty Crocker Cookbook – Kitchen-Tested Recipes

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