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Bible Shaker
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BibleShaker for iPhoneBible Shaker-Every day millions of people throughout the world tap into some form of daily inspiration. Many are searching for spiritual guidance. That guidance can come from a variety of sources, modalities, or religions. Some prefer their inspiration to be directed towards a very specific subject such as finance or relationships. Many enjoy the surprise and randomness of the inspiration acquired from sources like your daily horoscope.

For many Christians spiritual guidance is often found in the verses of the Bible. With the Bible Shaker iPhone app by Moxic Studios you can have that inspiration instantly. No need to wait for that morning email, or search through the morning paper.

According to Moxic Studios, the Bible Shaker iPhone app is the quickest and easiest way to get Biblical passages and individual verses to help you in all areas of your life.

Bible Shaker is very simple to use. Once you open the app you have the opportunity to select a category from a list of 22. Choices consist of a range of subjects such as Blessing, Children, Healing, Marriage, Salvation and many more.

Upon selecting a subject, a suggested Bible verse will instantly appear. For instance, select Faith and you may be  prompted with Romans 5:11.  Tap on that prompt and you'll be taken to a new page with the actual verse. After reading the verse you will have the opportunity to email it. Should one choose to email the verse you are taken to your email screen with the verse already in the email and the Subject prompted with, I thought you might like this scripture from the Bible Shaker iPhone app.

Should you not choose to email the verse you can select the back button and return to the previous page. There you can shake or tap the iPhone for another scripture within the same category or select a new category.

Bible Shaker iPhone app is simple quick and easy. It is designed for those that like to receive their guidence via a specific subject or category. I can see how that can often be important. There is no choice for random so if you're the type that likes receiving daily inspirational tips without knowing what direction you'll be lead, you're out of luck for now, maybe in a future update. Until then, if you find yourself out and about and in need of a quick bit of inspiration or spiritual guidance, Bible Shaker might just be what you need when you need it.

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  • Darrin Rich

    #iphone Bible Shaker: Spiritual Guidence At Hand (via @appcraver) I will pass on this one, but others may enjoy

  • Fe1

    Oh wow, what a change of pace, thanks!

    I actually have this app. Like iPieta or the particularly amazing Patrons & Saints app, it really serves its purpose well too.

  • Tice

    I probably would prefer a random word from Richard Dawkins. ; )

  • Pastor T

    I needed a quick reference help....just wish it was in the KJV

  • Netherlands

    I prefer the Mannashaker; you don't neef to fill in a category. I deleted this app after the first try.

    Bibleshaker, Mannashaker, Manna shaker