Get the Dish with Big Brother Hamster Soup Season 13

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big brother 13 hamster soup for iphoneWith CBS’s Big Brother 13 in full swing, fans of the summer reality series are soaking up this season’s twists and plots like the summer sun. Who among the remaining house guests will stay and who will go next? Who will sell their soul and plot to save themselves? That’s not ours to dish out, but die hard Big Brother fans can follow all the news and drama on the go with Big Brother 13 Hamster Soup for iPhone.

Hamster Soup follows this season’s “hamsters” in the Big Brother house with the same coverage as previous seasons, including live updates, daily dishing, Twitter feeds, and more. With push notifications, live updates, and houseguest status, fans can keep up to date with what’s going on in the Big Brother house.

Big Brother viewers who are following season 13 with all the devotion of a die hard fan and those who are new to the Big Brother social experiment phenomenon can use Big Brother 13 Hamster Soup to stay connected to the house. Of course, network connections must be in place for live updates like the blogs and twitter feeds, but the app updates quickly from with live feed blog updates 24/7 from people keeping an eye on the live happenings. Keep in mind that spoilers are imminent with constant monitoring, many of which are indicated if you choose to avoid them — but what would be the fun in that?

Big Brother 13 Hamster Soup is not an update to Big Brother 12 Hamster Soup, which followed last season. It requires a new purchase and download, but of course the app features alumni alley, with previous players (which is actually a significant feature for this season’s series with the returning player pairs) highlights, and winners of each season.

For a thorough following of all Big Brother events both aired and unaired, Big Brother 13 Hamster Soup for the iPhone and iPad is a one-stop shop for the Big Brother dish. Obviously if you don’t follow Big Brother, Hamster Soup won’t be your proverbial cup of tea. But if you gotta know who’s doing what, when and where, then Big Brother 13 Hamster Soup will keep you in the know.

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This app is not currently available in the App Store.

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