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Big Browser
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Full-screen browsers like Big Browser, while not a dime-a-dozen, are plentiful in the App Store. They're all designed to expand the visible content on a Web page by hiding the top and bottom menus.

Most also offer a measure of privacy by giving you the option to clear your browsing history. Sure, there are a few other features on some of these apps, but really, there's not much to distinguish one from the other. The most you can expect is that they work as advertised.

Unfortunately Big Browser doesn't do that.

Launch Big Browser, enter a URL in the search bar and off you go. You can enter a URL in landscape mode, a feature I like to see in any app because I hate typing in portrait mode. After the page loads, tap the Hide button in the under right corner and you'll see a full page, minus the distractions.

You can scroll the page, view it in landscape mode, follow links to other sites and pinch and zoom just as you would using an ordinary browser.

Tapping the icon of a wrench on the bottom menu bar, opens a preference page where you can disabling browsing history and clear it. To quit the page, tap the Done button and back you go.

Last, you can bookmark a page, send it to Safari or email the link.

Now, here's where things start to go goofy with Big Browser.

When you view a page in landscape mode, the icon to bookmark the page doesn't always work, even after the page is fully loaded.

At times, the Send and Bookmark icons would start flashing for no reason. There are two arrow heads on the menu bar, one to step forward and the other back through pages you viewed. The problem is that the back arrow illuminates when there's no page to go back to and the forward arrow is dim even when there is a page to go to, yet, it will work if you tap it a few times.

Every time I tapped the wrench icon in landscape mode, the Done button was no longer on the preference page. Returning to portrait mode did not resolve the problem either. You can see what I mean in one of the top pics. Your only option at that point is to quit Big Browser.

The dev claims pages load 20 percent faster in Big Browser than in Safari. In my sessions, over a Wi-Fi, it actually seemed slower but I wasn't use a stop watch either.

It didn't surprise me that clicking on the Ractor URL and support links in the app description popped up 404 "page not found" error messages.

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