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Big Fun Racing
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big fun racing iphoneBig Fun Racing is an interesting title for a game. Not in the sense that the title itself is particularly unique, but rather, the guys at Decane are essentially declaring that this game is a great racer. Upon review, it appears that it would have been prudent to go for something much more understated....

Controlling various types of cars to capture coins in a designated time period is the main objective in Big Fun Racing. Over the course of 50 different stunt tracks, the core objective is made progressively harder with the placement of obstacles and ramps on the tracks. Many of the tracks have been designed to be completed in under a minute which is great for playing in quick bursts. Upon completing levels, new cars become unlocked which allows for higher speeds and better handling. A cool feature that is implemented is downloadable tracks from the developers which should ad replay value.

The visuals in Big Fun Racing are average. Cars and environments feature 3D polygonal graphics, but the art and texture work leaves much to be desired. All of the stunt tracks have the same baseline environment featuring a cube with grey walls being littered with awful looking graffiti. As a result, the tracks have a homogenized look and feel to them. Despite my qualms with the art, the game does have a solid physics engine and it runs at a consistent frame rate which is admirable.

Decane does deliver nicely on the audio front. While the '70s style funkadelic music isn’t for everyone, it works well for me. Engine sounds and other incidental sound effects during gameplay are sufficient, but they take a backseat to the soundtrack.

No matter how good/bad the graphics and audio are in Big Fun Racing, it is control that will determine if this game provides a "big fun" racing experience. Like many other racers on iPhone, steering is handled by tilting the iPhone while the gas and reverse functions are handled by on screen buttons. In theory, this setup should provide a smooth gameplay experience, but Big Fun Racing is an unfortunate exception.

My biggest problem with the controls is the lag in response from tilting the iPhone for steering. To compensate for the delay in controls, you are forced to drive slowly by feathering the gas pedal to maintain a higher degree of control of your car. This workaround isn’t fun, and it makes playing Big Fun Racing a chore. An option to adjust tilt sensitivity is sorely needed here.

Big Fun Racing isn’t a game that is fundamentally broken, it just feels incomplete. At it’s core, the game is a coin collecting racing game based in a stunt filled playground. In this game's current state, I cannot reccomend this title to anyone based on controls alone. With some substantial tweaks to vehicle steering and more diverse track designs via updates, Big Fun Racing has a chance to be something special.

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